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Tutorial: Using the ADO.NET Entity Framework with SQL Anywhere
This tutorial demonstrates SQL Anywhere's capability to retrieve data from an ADO.NET entity data model (EDM) using the following methods: binding controls to data source objects, EntityClient provider, object services, and LINQ to entities.

Connecting to a SQL Anywhere Database Using ADO.NET and the SQL Anywhere .NET Data Provider
This document explains how to create a connection to a SQL Anywhere database from a C# project, using iAnywhere's SQL Anywhere .NET Data Provider

SQL Anywhere and the ADO.NET Entity Framework
This document describes how to access data stored inside a SQL Anywhere database using the ADO.NET Entity Framework, in particular via the Language Integrated Query (LINQ) to Entities methodology.

SQL Anywhere .NET Data Provider - Connecting to a Database
Connecting to a SQL Anywhere database using the ADO.NET data provider.

Tutorial: Developing A Simple .NET Database Application with Visual Studio
Data Access & Connectivity (ADO.NET)

Tutorial: Deploying a SQL Anywhere .NET Application Using ClickOnce
While going through this tutorial, we will be deploying and installing a sample ADO.NET application using the ClickOnce deployment method. We will then update the database runtime files and redeploy the application.

Sybase Connectivity White Paper index, May 2012
This index lists the connectivity white papers available for Sybase databases.  authorized

SQL Anywhere Product Futures Discussion Newsgroup - Monitored by iAnywhere Solutions' development team, this forum is a place to suggest and discuss new features and enhancements that you would like to see incorporated in future versions of SQL Anywhere.

DBD::ASAny Perl Driver
Allows access to SQL Anywhere databases from Perl scripts.

Basic Connectivity for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 with Sybase Databases, March 2012
This white paper discusses the use of BusinessObjects 3.1 with Sybase ASE, IQ and SQL Anywhere. It covers supported connectivity (ODBC, JDBC or Sybase Open Client) with each database.  authorized
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