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Everything Everywhere
Everything Everywhere's partnership with Sybase 365 transforms the telecommunications industry by giving customers instant mobile access, offering the best value, best choice and best network experience in the United Kingdom.

Philippine Social Security System
Philippine Social Security System (SSS) partnered with Sybase 365 to develop a cutting-edge SMS portal to provide its members access to vital social security data via mobile devices.

Walker Digital
Walker Digital’s invention team, in partnership with Sybase MMS 365, came up with Cellphone Postcards as a way to transform pictures on individuals’ cell phones into high quality physical postcards.

MediaFriends enables new forms of real-time SMS communication that the world has never seen before. With the help of Sybase 365, its technology makes it possible for people to send and receive text messages with any IP-enabled device.

MobiKash Afrika
MobiKash uses Sybase 365 mCommerce Mobiliser Platform to increase the level of financial inclusion of the unbanked and semi-banked, via a greatly simplified registration process for opening mobile wallets.

TeleKom Austria Group
The combined Telekom Austria Group and Sybase 365 solution allows mobile phone users to spend an entire day without carrying cash or credit cards since they can use their cell phones or other mobile devices for transactions.

Rave Mobile Safety
Rave Mobile Safety, the leading provider of safety applications for mobile users, uses Sybase 365 technology to rapidly notify individuals of critical events, respond faster to emergencies, and significantly reduce local crime.

By leveraging Sybase 365's two-way MMS, JAGTAG has been able to deploy the only 2D barcode solution that frees users from downloading an application on their mobile device prior to participating.

Mobile Commerce Customer Profiles
Discover how Sybase 365 mCommerce customers create new, convenient communication, anywhere, anytime through bringing together mobile messaging, mobile commerce applications and implementation services.

Banco Caixa Geral
Working closely with the Sybase team, Banco Caixa Geral delivered a short message service (SMS) application that provides alerts to customers for all credit card and monetary transactions, with alert amount minimums set by the customers themselves.
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