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Technical White Papers
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Informatica PowerCenter 8.6 and Sybase IQ 12.7 and 15.1, March 2010
This white paper provides information about using Informatica PowerCenter to load data into Sybase IQ using the PowerCenter IQ External Loader connection feature.

Performance Comparison of Sybase IQ 15.x and IQ 12.x
This paper highlights the query and load performance improvements of Sybase IQ 15.x in comparison to the Sybase IQ previous release, Sybase IQ 12.x.

An analysis of IQ 15.0 and IQ 12.7 performance on HP platforms
This paper provides results of testing that demonstrates the performance gain between IQ 12.7 and IQ 15.0.

IQ 15 Installation / Migration Reference and Troubleshooting Tips
This paper talks at a high level steps involved in migration and some things to watch out for during pre-install, install and post-install.

Sybase IQ Hardware Sizing Guide
This Hardware Sizing Guide for Sybase IQ highlights the main areas of concern for sizing a Sybase IQ environment. These main areas include CPU, memory, and disk I/O.

Sybase IQ 15.0 - Database Migration
This document provides a brief introduction to the IQ database migration tool, process involved and a migration example.

Sybase IQ 15.0 - Local Store Migration
This document provides a brief introduction to the local store migration tool and the process you will follow to migrate your local stores to IQ 15.0

Understanding the word index in Sybase IQ
How to best use IQ's word index

Sybase IQ Running on EMC Symmetrix DMX - Best Practices Planning
This white paper describes the EMC and Sybase products and software technology that are used by our joint customers for data warehousing.

Using Sybase NonStopIQ and EMC CLARiiON for Backup/Restore, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery
This white paper describes the benefits to Sybase IQ customers of deploying the NonStopIQ solution on EMC CLARiion CX and CX3 UltraScale series platforms.
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