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How to Configure ECC in M-Business Anywhere Server
It is often desirable to secure M-Business Anywhere Server using an ECC certificate. This document explains how to configure and handle errors you may experience during the configuration phase.

How to run m-Business Anywhere Sync Server from the Command Line
Occasionally, when we try to run the sync server service, we may see a syntax error in the configuration file. This technical document demonstrates how to run the sync server from the command prompt and detect if there are any errors.

Installing Additional Unicode Character Support for M-Business on Windows Mobile Devices
This technical note refers specifically to Unicode characters that are represented on US English-based Windows Mobile devices.

Explanation of the Errors in the M-Business Anywhere Sync_Error Log
This document describes errors that can appear in the M-Business Anywhere sync log.

Configuring M-Business Anywhere to Support Large File Sizes
This document describes how to address the errors received when the channel and file size limit are exceeded in M-Business applications.

M-Business Anywhere Administration Database Setup, Backup, and Restoration Procedures
This document describes how to configure multiple M-Business Anywhere Servers to access a common administration database, how to set up a live backup of the administration database, and the steps for recovery if the administration database is lost.

Using Debug Logging for a Data Channel in M-Business Anywhere Server
This document explains how to turn on debugging in M-Business Anywhere.

Creating an Element Data Channel to Exchange XML Date with the M-Business Anywhere Client
This document explains how to exchange XML data with an M-Business Anywhere client using an element-based data channel.

Using the Embedded M-Business Anywhere Web Server to Test Documents Without Setting up a New Instance of the Server
This document explains how you can test web content without setting up a new instance of the M-Business web server.

Scaling M-Business Server
This document explains how to scale up an M-Business Server deployment to support large numbers of users synchronizing simultaneously.
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