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Customer Case Studies
Advantage Database Server
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Data Devices
By choosing Advantage Database Server, Data Devices was able to quickly and easily upgrade its prior MS-DOS/Clipper-based suite to a more high-performing, reliable, user-friendly solution that ran in a Windows environment.

Panasonic UK
Panasonic uses Advantage Database Server to facilitate its transition and to power its new system while ensuring uninterrupted business operations, high performance, reduced costs and virtually eliminating maintenance.

WolfePak Software
By utilizing Advantage Database Server, WolfePak can install its accounting solutions within a database environment that’s simple to deploy, easy to maintain, prevents file corruption, and executes financial transactions faster.

Faucette Micro Systems, Inc.
Faucette Micro Systems, Inc. helped Santa Clara County Office of Education create a multi-faceted, client-server system, powered by the Advantage Database Server from Sybase iAnywhere, to serve the county’s 26,000 special education students.

Abak Software
Abak Software provides time and billing solutions for a variety of professional service providers.

Scancode Systems, Inc.
Scancode Systems Inc., is a leading developer and integrator of scalable carrier-compliant enterprise shipping and logistics software.

Questek Systems Inc.
Questek Systems Inc. is the developer of Humanis Staffing Software, which is used by hundreds of staffing companies with Advantage Database Server to provide a reliable, easy to deploy and use, front-and back-office business management solution.

Travis Software
Travis Software shifted to an embedded client/server environment using Advantage Database Server, allowing a central server to manage data flow and search functions, streamline user traffic, and optimize server capabilities.

Abacus Data Systems, Inc.
Abacus selected Advantage Database Server to provide the database backbone to its upgraded, 32-bit version of Abacus Law.

Ticket Team
With Advantage, Ticket Team's application ran fast regardless of whether it was being used at a small club with two users, or the big clubs.
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