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Replication Server
Technical White Papers
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Using Replication with Sybase ASE In-Memory Databases
Version 15.5 of Sybase ASE provides In-Memory Database capabilities designed to deliver lower response times and high throughput for mission-critical systems. This whitepaper describes how to set up transactional replication with ASE IMDB databases.

Replication Server 12.6 SMP and Related Features
Symmetric Multi-Processing, or SMP, describes a technique in which multi-processor machines and their operating systems run the different threads of a multi-threaded application, such as Replication Server, in parallel.

Replication Server 12.5 Performance EBF
In tests comparing Replication Server 12.5 to Replication Server 12.5 with the SMP EBF installed, latency has been reduced by as much as 59% while throughput has increased by as much as 117%.

Using Adaptive Server Enterprise Version 12.5 with Replication Server Version 12.1 or Earlier: Schema-length and Compatibility Issues
This white paper describes how to configure ASE 12.5 to work with Replication Server version 12.1 or earlier. Please note: in this paper Replication Server (without version numbers) refers to Replication Server version 12.1 or earlier.
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