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Customer Case Studies
Mobile Application Management
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Pisces Communications
Pisces Communications Australia provides customer specific messaging solutions to a wide range of industries. Sybase 365 mobile technology helps Pisces deliver vital information to its clients in a smart an uninterrupted manner.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation introduced an interactive mobile and IVR service through collaboration with Sybase 365, which allowed its audience to engage in sending and receiving responses to the broadcaster's channels.

France Telecom
France Telecom implemented an SMS generated search system, powered by Sybase 365, which allows mobile operators to search for addresses and phone numbers by the click of a button.

Dove wanted to introduce an interactive mobile element to their traditional marketing effort when they launched the "Campaign for Real Beauty." Using Sybase 365 solutions, they created the first ever outdoor mobile marketing campaign.

MasterCard wanted to provide its cardholders with a mobile, "paperless," location-based search and directory service they could use to request the location of the nearest ATM, which could then be sent to their mobile phone via SMS.

Dunkin' Donuts
Dunkin' Donuts wanted to generate excitement and energy about new Dunkin' Donuts stores in Rome, Italy by informing coffee lovers about the new shop on the corner. A secondary objective was to find and hire local employees to staff the new shops.

In this Europe-wide mobile marketing campaign, Volvo utilized Sybase 365 and Mindshare to deliver a campaign aimed at building hype around a mobile movie based on the new Volvo S40 car release.

MSN's Hotmail service in Asia wanted to ebable its subscribers to check their email on-the-go using their mobile phones. MSN also wanted to increase Web traffic for MSN Hotmail while increasing average revenue per user for mobile operators.

Sony Pictures
When Sony Pictures wants to generate buzz and excitement for a new movie launch, Sybase 365 marketing content delivery services helps to create campaigns that include movie-centric mobile games, wallpaper, ringtones, quizzes, and a chance to win tickets.

Singapore Shopping
To make shopping more fun, Singapore Shopping partnered with Sybase 365 to build an interactive mobile campaign. Offering prizes for mobile users infused a sense of adventure while increasing the amount of revenue generated per mall visitor.
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