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Customer Case Studies
Mobile Content Management
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Sportnews, one of Germany’s leading sports broadcasters, applied Sybase 365 mobile services to give customers updated minute-by-minute coverage of major sporting events via SMS.

Warner Music Group
Warner Music Group teamed with Sybase 365 to use the latest digital technology to market its records by allowing consumers to download tunes on their mobile device through sending text requests.

Sybase 365 developed a simple Web interface through which CNN was able to create and upload a new “Question of the Day” directly into the Sybase 365 voting application, as well as an automated solution for retrieval and management of SMS votes.

Orange, a leading telecommunications provider in Europe, introduced an “amateur film making” option delivered to its wireless customers through its mobile devices. Sybase 365 helped Orange create this distinguishing customer experience.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation introduced an interactive mobile and IVR service through collaboration with Sybase 365, which allowed its audience to engage in sending and receiving responses to the broadcaster's channels.

McWilliam's Wines
McWilliam's Wines partnered with Sybase 365 to launch an electronic marketing campaign resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty.

France Telecom
France Telecom implemented an SMS generated search system, powered by Sybase 365, which allows mobile operators to search for addresses and phone numbers by the click of a button.

IAM Mobile
IAM Mobile is an Australian based mobile entertainment provider with wide global media connections. IAM teamed up with Sybase 365 to manage its SMS driven awareness campaign aimed at poverty eradication.

Siemens Payment
Siemens wanted to enable rapid and global development of downloadable services for mobile subscribers while providing a means of collecting payment for low value content without the need for added infrastructure costs.
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