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Consumer Services
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Kodak Gallery
With Sybase IQ and SAP Business Objects, Kodak Gallery’s business users worldwide can now effectively track the results of product and marketing programs more effectively with the ability to quickly generate activity reports in real time.

Walker Digital
Walker Digital’s invention team, in partnership with Sybase MMS 365, came up with Cellphone Postcards as a way to transform pictures on individuals’ cell phones into high quality physical postcards.

SpyderLynk turned to Sybase 365 to enable short connectivity between consumers and SpyderLynk. The Sybase MMS 365 gateway processes MMS transmissions that allow consumers with mobile phones to send SnapTags using short codes.

Mozzart uses Sybase IQ and PowerDesigner to immediately analyze the performance of 10,000 daily sports betting games in order to help company executives improve profitability and customer experience.

The Number/Le Numero
The Number’s “118 118” and Le Numero’s “118 218” are the leading directory assistance services in the UK and France. Every week, millions of callers use these numbers to stay connected to the people, places, and businesses they need.

Warner Music Group
Warner Music Group teamed with Sybase 365 to use the latest digital technology to market its records by allowing consumers to download tunes on their mobile device through sending text requests.

Pepsi partnered with Sybase 365 technology to use SMS as a new tool for executing advertising and promotional campaigns. It achieved a landmark increase in consumer engagement and increased its popularity as an icon.

MSN Online Services Group
Microsoft’s Windows Live and MSN Online, allows its 15 million users in Asia to check their email and chat with friends through mobile devices. Sybase 365 extends its mobile technology to MSN which allows users to stay connected anytime and anywhere.

McWilliam's Wines
McWilliam's Wines partnered with Sybase 365 to launch an electronic marketing campaign resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty.

Ouro Minas
Ouro Minas, the largest 5-star hotel in Belo Horizonte Brazil needed to develop a guest-oriented hotel management solution. Using Sybase technology, Ouro Minas created an information repository of clients and suppliers that assures zero downtime.
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