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Customer Case Studies
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Security Finance
Using Sybase technology, Security Finance has increased performance and reliability significantly, improved access to current information and ensured its competitive edge with top-notch customer service.

Royal Doulton Canada
Royal Doulton Canada engaged Sybase iAnywhere Professional Services to upgrade much of its IT environment and implement the latest version of RemoteWare.

Pilot Travel Centers
Pilot- the nation's largest supplier of diesel fuel for over-the-road trucks, deployed RemoteWare to improve help desk operations and distribute and install new software and files.

RemoteWare was installed at Murry’s and immediately had a huge impact on operations. The data exchange process, which previously had been taking almost 6 hours a night, was now taking less than an hour.

Clarks is the top shoe retailer in the UK and the world's number one non-sports shoe brand. RemoteWare monitors the quick and efficient exchange of data between all Clarks stores.

Checkers Restaurants
Checkers is the largest double-drive through chain in the United States. Data exchange between the restaurants and the headquarters was inefficient and time-consuming. To solve this issue Checkers enlisted the help of Sybase iAnywhere product RemoteWare.

Ann Summers
Best known for its strongly branded, party-based approach to selling, Ann Summers made a strategic decision to raise its profile in the high street. Ann Summers' strategy resulted in dynamic growth which would have been impossible without Remoteware.

Airtours deployed RemoteWare to gain control over the business process. The solution provides systems management software that brings control back to headquarters, simplifies employee’s jobs, and cut costs.

Coinstar, operating more than 8,500 coin-counting kiosks in grocery stores all around the US, relies on RemoteWare as a reliable solution to manage its machines and the data transfer between them and headquarters.

Blockbuster Entertainment
Blockbuster uses RemoteWare on district managers' laptops to collect sales data from all remote locations; this enables an efficient and scalable distribution system, and increases efficiency by eliminating the paperwork process.
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