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Urgent from Sybase: New Era Of Networks identity change
This letter describes the new identity for New Era Of Networks. (2001-08-01)

SAP BusinessObject Data Services v4.0sp1 and v4.0sp2 with Sybase IQ v15.3 and v15.4, Sybase ASE v15.5 and v15.7, Report Number 374, December 2011.
Data Services is a front-end data integration tool enabling extract, transform and load operations. This report details its integration with Sybase IQ and Sybase ASE. (2011-12-22)  authorized

Informatica PowerCenter v9.1.0 hotfix 1 with Sybase IQ v15.3 and Sybase ASE v15.5
PowerCenter is designed to move data. This certification report details the integration of Informatica PowerCenter v9.1.0 with Sybase IQ and Sybase ASE data as source and targets. (2011-11-17)  authorized

eBiz Integrator 4.1 What's New & Open Issues
This document details the changes required to update the eBiz Integrator 3.6.x Installation Guide, Feature Guide, User Guide, and System Management Guide to current eBiz Integrator 4.1 content. (2005-08-10) Part#DC00374-01-0410-01

e-Biz Impact 5.4.5 Application Guide
This book provides information about the different types of applications you create and use in an e-Biz Impact implementation. (2005-07-25) Part#DC38554-01-0545-01

e-Biz Impact 5.4.5 MSG-IDE Guide
This book describes MSG-IDE terminology and explains basic concepts that are used to build Object Definition Language (ODL) applications. (2005-07-25) Part#DC10097-01-0545-01

Monitoring e-Biz Impact 5.4.5
This book details the monitoring and alert capabilities available in e-Biz Impact. (2005-07-19) Part#DC00306-01-0545-01

e-Biz Impact 5.4.5 Feature Guide
This book is for applications developers, and system and application administrators who use e-Biz Impact version 5.4.5. (2005-07-18) Part#DC39875-01-0545-01

e-Biz Impact 5.4.5 Configurator Guide
This book is for system and application administrators that configure e-Biz Impact? version 5.4.5 implementations. (2005-07-18) Part#DC10095-01-0545-01

e-Biz Impact 5.4.5 Authorization Guide
This book is for security officers and system administrators who are responsible for the configuration of e-Biz Impact security. (2005-07-18) Part#DC10094-01-0545-01
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