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End of Life Notice for Web Services Integrator
External End of Life Notice for Web Services Integrator (2007-05-01)

Security Issue in EAServer 5.2 - Addendum
A further manifestation of the issue has been identified in EAServer 5.2, which is fixed by applying the same EBF. (2005-07-22)

Security Issue in EAServer 5.2 and Earlier.
EAServer 5.2 contains a security vulnerability that is resolved by applying an EBF. Sybase recommends that customers update their EAServer as soon as possible. This vulnerability also affects versions of EAServer prior to version 5.2. (2005-07-11)

Web Services Integrator 2.6 Programmer's Guide
This document describes how to use Sybase Web Services Integrator (WSI) to create automated business collaborations between enterprises. (2004-10-07) Part#DC20124-01-0260-01

Installation Guide Web Services Integrator 2.6 for Windows 2000 and Sun Solaris
This book describes how to install Sybase Web Services Integrator (WSI) version 2.6, a business-to-business collaboration application, on Microsoft Windows and Sun Solaris systems. Please see "About this Book" for chapter details. (2004-06-21) Part#DC36718-01-0260-01
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