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Advantage Database Server
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Sybase® Advantage Database Server® 11: A First Look
This paper is designed to introduce you to the many exciting new features introduced in Advantage 11. (2012-07-12)

Advantage Database Server® - Hardware Requirements
Advantage Database Server Hardware requirements (2012-07-09)

Advantage Database Server and DataSnap – Good Friends!
This whitepaper explains and demonstrates how to use the Advantage Database Server and the Advantage data access components for Delphi to work together with the DataSnap architecture in Delphi XE to build multi-tier applications. (2011-06-30)

Advantage Database Server Hardware Requirements
A general guide for planning application hardware requirements for Advantage Database Server. (2010-07-23)

Advantage Delphi Getting Started Guide
This guide is intended to provide an architecture overview of the Advantage TDataSet Descendant and to assist the developer, new to Advantage, in getting started using the product. (2009-08-04)

Creating A Highly Available Database Solution - Advantage Database Server and High Availability
The Advantage Database Server is capable of working with many of the latest hardware advances and provides many high availability features. (2008-01-01)

Embedding Success With Advantage Database Server
This white paper describes reasons why developers have not only embraced the use of embedded databases in their applications, but why they have specifically embraced the Advantage Database Server. (2007-11-07)

Advantage Database Server Migrating From Microsoft Access Jet Database Engine
The consequences of corruption are more severe with a Microsoft Access database than with most other desktop databases because all of the tables and indices are contained in a single file. (2006-08-22)

Advantage Database Server When is it Time to Move to Client/Server?
Desktop database applications developed with tools such as CA-Clipper, FoxPro, Visual Basic and Delphi have traditionally been popular because they are relatively inexpensive to implement and deploy. (2006-08-22)

Creating a Reusable Data Layer for ASP.NET Applications and Advantage Database Server
Describes an object-based alternative to the design-time use of data access components. (2006-01-03)
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