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Error 16011

Error Message Text

interfaces file.


When you try to start an Open Server, it does not start and displays Error 16011.

This error number occurs only with releases earlier than 10.0. As of 10.0, the scenarios described below are more likely to result in error 16240, which is documented elsewhere in this TechNote.
Open Server initializes one or more listening services at start-up time. These listening services are network listeners bound to a specific network address.

On most platforms, Open Server gets the network information for starting these listeners from a SYBASE network address file. Error 16011 means that the Open Server has encountered bad or incorrect information in the network address file.

The network address file is usually called the interfaces file on UNIX and Macintosh, interfaces. on VMS, sql.ini on System 10 OS/2, Windows/NT, Windows, and DOS, and interfac on Netware.
Error 16011 has a severity of 20 because the error prevents Open Server from starting.

There are two possible reasons for this error:


  1. Verify that the master entry in your network address file for the Open Server is correct.

  2. Make sure that the network address file adheres to the correct format and that entries are delimited properly. To find the correct format for 10.x releases, refer to the Open Client/Server Supplement for the platform on which Open Server is running. For earlier releases, refer to your installation manuals.

    Use SYBASE utilities like sybinit (for UNIX) or sqledit (for some PC platforms), to create, modify, or add entries to network address files. This ensures that the file is properly formatted.

  3. Verify that the master and query entries are the same and are unique on a given host.

  4. Verify that the SYBASE environment variable is set properly; by default, Open Server uses the interfaces file located in the SYBASE root directory.

Error 16027

Error Message Text

Can't bind socket.


This error only occurs in SQL Server releases previous to 10.0.
When you try to start an Open Server, it does not start and displays Error 16027.

This error occurs when Open Server is started and the operating system detects, correctly or not, that the port address for the socket is still in use by Open Server. This may be because the port address specified in the network address file (interfaces file on UNIX platforms) is already in use by either another Open Server, a SQL Server, or a non-SYBASE application on the network.


The following steps may help you resolve the error:

  1. Verify that Open Server is not already running.

  2. For pre-10.0 releases of Open Server, if you just stopped Open Server, wait 60 seconds and then restart it. (After you free a port address, most operating systems impose a 60-second waiting period before the port address can be used again.)

  3. If some other server or non-SYBASE application is using the port specified in the network address file, choose a different port for Open Server.

Change the Open Server's port in the network address file, and in any other network address files used by applications that connect to Open Server.

Error 16240

Error Message Text

Net-Library routine <netlib function> failed 
in <openserver function>


Net-Library routine net_init() failed in 


Open Server does all network I/O through Net-Library. Whenever Net-Library returns NET_FAILURE, Open Server tries to find the exact error number, the Net-Library error message, and the Net- Library interface where the error was reported. This information is tagged with the Open Server error number 16240.

Open Server applications that may encounter this message include NetGateway, Replication Server, and OmniSQL Server.

The context information in the error message may be of little use to you, but the actual Net-Library error message is usually helpful in diagnosing the problem. For example, when Open Server is started with a non-existing server name junk in the interfaces file, the following error message results:

junk: FATAL SERVER ERROR: 16240/20/0: Net-
Library routine net_address_get() failed in 
srv__start_net Network error: status = 12 - 
Specified server name attribute could not be 
The message "Specified server name attribute could not be found" means that a server named junk couldn't be located in the interfaces file.

Net-Library errors reported during Open Server initialization can usually be attributed to the setup or the environment and can sometimes be corrected by correcting the network address file.

The network address file is usually called the interfaces file on UNIX and Mac, interfaces. on VMS, sql.ini on System 10 OS/2, Windows/NT, Windows, and DOS, and interfac on Netware.
Net-Library errors reported at runtime usually require further investigation.

Net-Library Errors and Corrective Actions

To diagnose a 16240 error, pay attention to the associated Net-Library error message text. The following table lists many of these error messages and suggests actions for resolution:
Status Value Net-Library Error Explanation/Corrective Action
11 NETE_DICTNOTFOUND, "Could not find addressing dictionary" The interfaces file could not be opened. It either doesn't exist or is not accessible. Check file accessibility.
12 NETE_SRVNAMENOTFND, "Specified server name attribute could not be found" The server name specified (or the value set by DSLISTEN or DSQUERY) does not exist in the interfaces file. Check the SYBASE environment variable or edit the interfaces file to add the server name.
14 NETE_DRVINIT, "Error during protocol driver initialization." The specified protocol driver (TCP, TLI, DECNET, etc.) could not be initialized. The driver doesn't exist or is not accessible. UNIX: Check the $SYBASE/lib directory for the drivers. PC: Check the sybnet.cfg file for the driver configuration information. VMS: Check the SYBASE_SYSTEM:[SYBASE.LIB] directory for LIBSRI.EXE (TCP Driver) or LIBDNA.EXE (DECnet Driver).
16 NETE_LFNOSECTION, "Cannot find Net-Library error section in localization file" The locale file, libtcl.loc, is corrupted. Check the $SYBASE/locales directory for correct locales file.
17 NETE_DICTSYNTAX, "Syntax error in address dictionary" Check the interfaces file entry formats. Check for tabs and entry syntaxes. Use SYBASE utilities to add the entry in correct format (sybinit on System 10 for UNIX and VMS, sg/edit for some System 10 PC platforms).
18 NETE_ADRTYPNOTFND, "Address type attribute not found" The address type (master/query) could not be found for the specified Open Server name in the interfaces file. Check the interfaces entry.
19 NETE_DICTCLOSE, "Error closing address dictionary" Unable to close the opened interfaces file. Check for the existence of the file. The file may have been deleted, or if it is on a remote mounted file system, the file system could be stale.
23 NETE_DRVLISTEN, "Net-Lib protocol driver call to register a listener failed" This is a fairly common error that occurs when Open Server starts a listener for incoming connections during initialization. Check the master interfaces entry. The host and port combination in the entry could be invalid, there could be an improper TLI address, or there could be a Open Server already using the port.
24 NETE_DRVCONNECT, "Net-Lib protocol driver call to connect two endpoints failed" This error is reported when Open Server is unable to connect to remote servers. Either the remote servers are not available or the interfaces entry for the remote servers is incorrect.
25 NETE_DRVACCEPT, "Protocol driver call to accept an incoming connection request failed" This error is reported when an incoming connection cannot be accepted. Check for resource limitations.
27 NETE_DRVNOTAVAIL, "Specified Net-Lib protocol driver is not available" The driver specified in the interfaces file or the sybnet.cfg file is not available. Check the protocol driver entry.
29 NETE_DISCONNECT, "Net- Library operation terminated due to disconnect" The remote server or client aborted without proper disconnect or closing. This message is informational; no action is needed.
31 NETE_SUBACCEPT, "Attempt to issue an accept on one of the listeners failed" Failure to accept an incoming connection usually is a result of a network or operating problem. Check the operating system error, reported along with the 16240 error.
32 NETE_DRVREAD, "Net-Lib protocol driver call to read data failed" This error indicates that Net- Library encountered an error while trying to read a packet from the network. Any network read failure will result in this error. This error requires further investigation.
36 NETE_DRVWRITE, "Net-Lib protocol driver call to write data failed" This error indicates that Net- Library encountered an error while trying to write a packet to the network. Any network write failure will result in this error. This error requires further investigation.
60 NETE_BADEP, "Attempt to use invalid endpoint handle" A fatal error was detected while processing SRV_STOP. Ignore this message (the error will also be reported during Open Server shutdown).
61 NETE_DRVCLOSE, "Error attempting to close endpoint" This error is raised when Net- Library tries to close an existing client connection and detects that the client connection is not active. It could be due to problems in the network or involuntary termination of connections by clients.
62 NETE_VERSION, "Incompatible protocol driver" The versions of Transport Control Library (libtcl) and the protocol driver do not match. Check the versions of the library and protocol drivers.
85 NETE_NODRVCLASS, "No driver of the specified class" The requested protocol is not supported on this platform. For example, you will get this error if you try to use a TCP socket interface on the Solaris platform.

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