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Applying the PowerDesigner 6.1.1 or 6.1.3 maintenance release

PowerDesigner 6.1.1 and 6.1.3 introduced a new subdirectory and registry structure. The primary difference being a switch to Sybase as the root level. Because of this change, installing these releases must follow certain steps in order to avoid licensing errors and duplicate files. This document will explain how to install the maintenance release and document the destination default directories.

Subdirectory Structures:

PowerDesigner 6.1.0 Long File Names (default root location):
c:\Program Files\Powersoft\PowerDesigner 6\
Subfolders: Definition files, Docs, Examples, Extended Attributes, Olrdaliu, Report Templates, Test Data, Tools

PowerDesigner 6.1.0 Short File Names (default root location):
Subfolders: Def, dtext, Docs, Examples, Exa, Olrdaliu, Reportpl, Testdata, Tools

PowerDesigner 6.1.3 (default root location):
c:\Program Files\Sybase\PowerDesigner 6\
Subfolders: Def, dtext, Examples, Exa, Intersolv ODBC, Reportpl, Script, Testdata, Tools

If you apply the PowerDesigner 6.1.3 maintenance release using the defaults, you'll end up with both old (6.1.0) and new (6.1.3) destination directories This common divergence to the install process does not become apparent until you run the application. At that time you will experience a warning message stating, 'this is an unauthorized copy and to continue it will run in demo mode only'.

NOTE: If you've applied 6.1.1 prior to the availability of the 6.1.3 maintenance release this issue should be mute. There is no issues with applying 6.1.3 maintenance release to a 6.1.1 install. Also, applying 6.1.1 to a 6.1.0 install has the exact same behavior as applying 6.1.3 to 6.1.0.

Installation instructions
First you can download the PowerDesigner patches for each licensed module from the Sybase web site at http://support.sybase.com and select the 'Software Distribution' hotlink under the 'Support Services' section. There are several links that break down the files by version (6.0.0, 6.1.1, 6.1.3), binary type (16 or 32 bit), and, French (PowerAMC) or English (PowerDesigner). In the 6.1.3 release each archive file contains a setup.exe and it's supporting installation files. Also, in the extraction is a 613tch.wri file which is the technical bulletin file that lists all the fixes in the maintenance release. This (...tch.wri) file can be read by any text editor or word processor and is installed to the PowerDesigner6 root directory for accessibility after the install is complete.

To upgrade PowerDesigner 6.1.0:

1. For example, if you downloaded the 32-bit DataArchitect file (613da32.zip), then using WinZip or another compression software package open and extract the zip file into a temporary directory. The extracted archive would expand out as drive_letter:\Temp_dir\Pd613\Maint\Da32web.

The list of files will look like the following in WinZip (Classic) which is a 3rd party software package.

2. In the Da32web folder, you will run the setup.exe file. The PowerDesigner splash screen and Installshield wizard will start up the installation process. Click NEXT -> Respond 'YES' to the software licensing agreement.

3. "Copy files" check box is checked. Click NEXT.

4. For the proper installation of the maintenance release to upgrade the PowerDesigner 6.1.0 installation, you will need to change the default target destination directory to your existing (complete) PowerDesigner6 location by using the BROWSE button.

In 6.1.0, this is the default (long file names) destination directory:

In 6.1.0, this is the default (short file names) destination directory:

5. After choosing the destination directory of your current install, select the NEXT button. The setup dialog box will now add program icons to the Program Folder, select NEXT button. Then click NEXT to copy the files to install DataArchitect to your system.

Again, the reason behind the use of the BROWSE button to install 6.1.3 is twofold. First, the 6.1.3 installation cannot find the 6.1.0 files in the registry and creates new registry entries for 6.1.3. Secondly, the 6.1.3 installation will search for a Sybase subdirectory only. If the executable does not exist in the Sybase subdirectory, it is installed to the default directory of drive_letter:\Program Files\Sybase\PowerDesigner6 (which is different from the default under 6.1.0). We don't have this problem from the 6.1.1 installations.

When running PowerDesigner, if you get the warning that the product is not an authorized copy and will run in demo mode. You will have to uninstall 6.1.3 and reinstall it. But use the BROWSE button from the Installshield wizard to point the patch to the current and complete installation directory of your 6.1.0 base install.

NOTE: In 6.1.3, the directory structure uses Long File Names. But, all it's subfolders under the PowerDesigner6 directory only use short named aliases. So, if your previous version of PowerDesigner was installed using Long File Names, the subfolders would also be in long file names as well. So, applying 6.1.3 maintenance release would result in redundant subfolders under the PowerDesigner6 directory Just to note the new registry entries do properly map to the appropriate installed files in your chosen destination directory.

If you would like, you may choose to manually remove any redundant (older) subfolders from the PowerDesigner6 directory which will free up disk space. Also, any changes made to your definition files (*.def) or extended attributes templates (*.exa) files would need to be reapplied to the newer files prior to removing them from your system.

Long File Name mapping of 6.1.0 PowerDesigner subfolders to Short File Name mapping of 6.1.3 PowerDesigner subfolders (DataArchitect):

6.1.0 subfolder names (old): 6.1.3 subfolder names (new):

Definition Files Def
Docs Docs
Extended Attributes Exa
Examples Examples
Olrdalin Olrdalin
Report Templates Reportpl
Test Data Testdata
Tools Tools

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