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Steps to Creating a Print File on Solaris


Beginning with PowerBuilder 8.0.2 and later on Solaris, the PBVM supports printing datastore objects produced by PowerBuilder components running on EAServer on the Solaris platform.  For information on how to set up EAServer for printing, see either the readme.txt for PB 8.X or the PowerBuilder 9 Application Techniques manual.

The .dwprint.ini file contains current printer setup information. It is located in the $JAGUAR/bin directory. The file includes the following sections:

· Windows - which contains current printer setup information
· Devices - which contains current configured devices
· Ports - which contains current configured spool command
· Printer configuration section

1. Using an editor in Unix, make the following changes to the sections identified by brackets in the .dwprint.ini file:
(The HP LaserJet/hp4si is just used here as the example.)



HP LaserJet 4Si PCL Cartridge=hp4si PCL5, FILE:

2. Add the following printer section, if one doesn't already exist.

Depending on whether your using Postscript or PCL, after the PowerBuilder component processes a print() statement, a file with the default name of jaguar.pcl5 or jaguar.ps will be created in the $JAGUAR/bin directory.

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