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Using the Translation Toolkit for PowerBuilder

This document provides an overview of the Translation Toolkit available for PowerBuilder beginning with version This guide is for PB developers who develop applications deployed to end users who speak different languages.

Using the Translation Toolkit for PowerBuilder

This document provides an overview of the Translation Toolkit available for PowerBuilder beginning with version This guide is for PowerBuilder developers who develop PowerBuilder applications that are deployed to end users who speak different languages.

What is Translation Toolkit?
Translation Toolkit is a set of tools that help you translate any PowerBuilder or InfoMaker version 5.0.03 to 10.0 for Windows application into another application in a different language. It is available in 32-bit development environment only.

The Translation Toolkit is a Sybase product that replaces the Translation Assistant that was available with prior versions of PowerBuilder.

How the Translation Toolkit works
The Translation Toolkit works with the phrases (one or more words of text) in an application. The Translation Toolkit does not translate actual PowerScript but only works on string literal found in the application's object properties, controls and scripts. It does not translate comments.

With the tools in the Translation Toolkit you:
· Extract phrases from the project library
· Present the phrases from the translation
· Substitute translated phrases for the original phrases in the project libraries

Once the libraries have been translated, you use PowerBuilder or InfoMaker to build the translated application. Translated applications can then be deployed on Windows (16-bit and 32-bit), depending on your version of PowerBuilder or InfoMaker.

What's in the Translation Toolkit?
Translation Toolkit contains five tools (the first three are translation tools and the last two are maintenance tools), Translation database, Microsoft Glossaries and Documentation. The Translation Toolkit also includes localized versions of the Powersoft Foundation Class Libraries (PFC). PFC is available in the same languages as the deployment kits: Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.

· Tools: The Translation tool is one of the five tools in the Toolkit but when you install the Toolkit, you can also install a 32-bit standalone version of the Translation tool.
· Phrase Extractor: is used to create a language copy of the source libraries and extract phrases from the language libraries. The original source libraries are untouched. This is where developer starts to create a project, runs the phrase extraction process and marks phrase with a translation status, and adds comments for translator. This is a batch extraction process.
· Phrase Translator: is used by the translator on the project. It provides an interface for translating the phrases marked by developer as 'translate'.
· Project Translator: This tool applies translations to the project by substituting the translated phrase for the original phrase in the copies of the application libraries.
· Database Administrator: This tool migrates PowerBuilder version 4.0 Translation Assistant dictionary, imports the Microsoft International Glossaries, displays and deletes unused images and dictionary entries. It also defines a new language.
· Text Analyzer: Analyzes the translated text and identifies any strings that may have expanded so much that they will no longer fit. Developers use this tool to review the translated text and make adjustments to ensure that it fits correctly. This is the final step in creating a translated application.

· Translation database: The Translation Toolkit includes a SQLAnyWhere database named TRANSLATE.DB. This translation database is used to store and manage project data, extracted phrases and their translation status, data from imported glossaries, supported languages, phrase translations, and resizing information.

· Glossaries: The Translation Toolkit also includes the Microsoft International Glossaries. These glossaries contain the translation for phrases found in Microsoft products.

The Phrase_dictionary table is the Translation Toolkit's dictionary. Using the Toolkit's Database Administration tool, you can import Microsoft glossaries into the Phrases_dictionary table in the translation database. Some Microsoft glossaries are very large and may take a long time to import because Translation scans the database and compares existing entries in the dictionary with the new entries you are importing.

· Documentation:
· Translation Toolkit Guide
· Translation Toolkit Online Help. This document contains all the information about the Translation Toolkit and how to use the tools in the Toolkit.
· Translator Tool (standalone): is an Online Help for standalone Translator tool.

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