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Registering MIME Types

MIME is an acronym for multi-purpose internet mail extension. It associates a particular file type to a particular plug-in. When the web server encounters an embedded file of a known MIME type, the web server instructs the browser to load a particular plug-in. Registering the mime type is the act of configuring your web server so that it understands this relationship for a particular file type. To use the PowerBuilder window plug-in and data window plug-in, you have to register two mime types. Follow the following steps.

Register the mime types for the plug-ins by adding these 2 lines to the mime.types file.

Window Plugin
type=application/vnd.powerbuilderX exts=pbd (where X is the PowerBuilder version)

For example, for PowerBuilder 10 it would be application/vnd.powerbuilder10.  For the secure windows plugin, the mime type would be application/vnd.powerbuilder10-s.

DataWindow Plugin
type=application/datawindow9 exts=psr (for Powerbuilder 9)
type=application/datawindow10 exts=psr (for Powerbuilder 10)


Window Plugin
<EMBED SRC=windowstest.pbd WIDTH=370 HEIGHT=400

DataWindow Plugin
<EMBED SRC=dwplug.psr WIDTH=550 HEIGHT=500>

Netscape Server Configuration
Place the HTML Page to the directory specified that calls up the page in the URL.  For example, if the URL is http://localhost/dwtest.html, than the HTML Page would go in the htdocs directory.

Place the psr and pbd file to the directory you specified in the Embed element. (From the above examples, the psr and pbd files would go in the htdocs directory.)

Netscape Client
Place the windows plugin dll (nppbaXX.dll, nppbsXX.dll or npdweXX.dll) in the Netscape browser's plugin directory.

For more information on the DataWindow and Window Plugin, see the Application Techniques manual.


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