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PowerBuilder for Unix

What is UNIX?
UNIX is a multi-user, multi-tasking operating system. There are as many versions of UNIX as there are hardware platforms that run it.
PowerBuilder runs on the following Unix Platforms:
IBM RS6000's run AIX

HP 9000's runs HP-UX SUN Sparc computers run Solaris and Sun OS
Bristol Technology
Bristol Technology Inc. was founded in 1991 with the mission of providing an efficient, cost-effective solution for a Windows-to-UNIX cross-platform environment. The market for Bristol's technology includes Windows and UNIX software vendors, client/server tool companies, and in-house application developers in corporations and financial services companies that need to deliver Windows applications on UNIX workstations. Their product is called Wind/U. Bristol is a privately held company located in Danbury, CT.

What is PowerBuilder for UNIX?
PowerBuilder for UNIX is based on the M.S. Windows code base ported to the UNIX environment using Bristol Technologies Wind/U toolkit. The Wind/U toolkit takes standard Windows API calls and converts them to appropriate Motif compatible calls. Wind/U is a cross platform compiler, not an interpreter. Since the code base is common between platforms, the overall look and feel of PowerBuilder under UNIX is very similar to the Windows based product.
PowerBuilder for UNIX is a port of the Windows product. It uses the same source code base as the Windows product. Just as PowerBuilder for windows calls the standard windows source libraries to implement its window functionality, PowerBuilder for UNIX calls similar API libraries to implement its X window functionality. The Wind/U API libraries are linked into the PowerBuilder UNIX product. Their API libraries have code that translates the standard window calls into motif window calls. In cases where motif doesn't have a similar functionality they have written "widgets" that will imitate the correct functionality.

What is X Windows?
What is a Window Manager?
What is Motif?
Motif is an industry standard graphical interface (set of libraries) that can run on a variety of machines. You need "X" window capabilities to use Motif. Motif uses the mwm window manager.

What is CDE?
CDE is Sun's specific graphical user interface (like windows). You need "X" windows capabilities to run graphical user interfaces. The CDE code calls the "X" code libraries. CDE uses the dtwm window manager.

X-Terminal Support
Sybase will make a best effort to support customers who are running PowerBuilder on a properly configured workstation and using a remote XTerminal display. The X Window System, simply called X, is an industry standard in the UNIX world. Every UNIX application uses X to manage its display, effectively separating the application and its display into two. This allows an application to be run on one machine and displayed locally on the same machine or remotely on a different machine. Some vendors (Tektronix and NCD, for example) supply inexpensive, dedicated XTerminal hardware - Intelligent terminals which run X. These terminals are considered "intelligent because they have a processor and control their own displays. In addition, powerful UNIX workstations can be used as X display systems too. X gives users easy access to virtually any application that can run on any machine on the network - a benefit that makes the use of XTerminals extremely popular and common in UNIX environments.
PowerBuilder has been written to conform to X standards and Sybase supports the use of XTerminals, however, customers should be made aware that PowerBuilder has not been formally tested with all of the wide variety of XTerminals in use today. Sybase will make a best effort to resolve any issues that customers may have using PowerBuilder with XTerminals.

PC X-Window Emulation Software Packages
Some customers also use X-Terminal emulation software to access X-based applications from their PCs.
PowerBuilder has been written to conform to X standards and Sybase supports the use of XTerminals, however, customers should be made aware that PowerBuilder has not been formally tested with PC emulation software. Sybase will make a best effort to resolve any issues that customers may have using.
Sybase will make best attempts to resolve or work around any compatibility problems specific to PowerBuilder applications encountered while running an Exceed v6.0 PC X-Server, provided it does not adversely affect cross-platform consistency or capabilities, including all Enterprise development and deployment aspects of PowerBuilder. Other PC X-Servers would be addressed only if the issue is reproducible on the platform's primary graphics head. As with any bug, it must be reproduced and documented so that it can be assigned a case number. Before calling technical support when using one of these software emulation packages the customer should test the application using a supported windowing environment local to the UNIX environment the software is installed on.

What is the ROOT user?
How do I install the product?
What is a tar file?
How do I get a pbl from DOS to UNIX?
Environment Variables
Environment variables are key words with assigned meaning, similar to the DOS path variable.
The following environment variables are required to bring up PowerBuilder.
Initialization Files
Collect this information first! Install:
Things To Remember About UNIX

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