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The monserver binary does not support more than 1.75GB of Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) shared memory on the HP-UX platform.


Monitor Server cannot connect to Adaptive Server when more than 1.75GB of shared memory is enabled on HP-UX.


When you enable more than 1.75GB of shared memory using the HP-UX command chatr-m dataserver, then attempt to start Monitor Server while Adaptive Server is running, a connection error occurs. A message like the following is displayed:

msgid 20074 os_attach_region: shmat(409); invalid argument, 2011 KB attach: couldn’t attach to kernel region

Although the chatr-m dataserver command created a new dataserver binary with the SHEM-MAGIC (shared memory) bit set, Monitor Server cannot connect to the newly created shared memory.


In order to support over 1.75GB of shared memory, both Adaptive Server and Monitor Server must be built with a flag that accommodates this. Adaptive Server is built with this flag, but not all versions of Monitor Server are built with the flag; with these versions of Monitor Server, it is not possible to support this amount of shared memory.


Use a Monitor Server version and EBF level that are built with the appropriate flag to support more than 1.75GB of ASE shared memory:

You still need to execute the chatr -m command for the monserver binary using the syntax: chatr -m monserver.

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