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Migrating data from PostgreSQL to SQL Anywhere can be a straightforward process if there are not a lot of PostgreSQL extensions in use within your database and application. SQL Anywhere simplifies migration by including built-in tools that facilitate a smooth transition from PostgreSQL (and other RDBMS’s) to SQL Anywhere.

The first part of this document discusses in detail differences between SQL Anywhere and PostgreSQL, including data type differences, feature differences, and syntax differences. Some of the features that are unique to PostgreSQL can hinder migration. Approaches to how you might choose to deal with these issues are provided. The second part of this document includes a systematic explanation of how to migrate data from a PostgreSQL database into a SQL Anywhere database using the Sybase Central Data Migration wizard. Finally, the third part of this document supplies an example of how you might migrate an existing application running against PostgreSQL to one that runs against SQL Anywhere.

This document was written for SQL Anywhere version 12 and later, and PostgreSQL version 9.1 and later.

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