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Service Level Assurance

Service Level Assurance is a real-time problem for communication providers do to a range of challenges, including:

  1. Cannot meet or accurately report on enterprise SLAs due to lack of network visibility.
  2. Inability to predict SLA violations before they occur – no ability to avoid violations.
  3. Real time measurement and responsiveness down to the device level (successful handovers / attempts per phone, modem, TV)

The key to addressing Service Level Assurance issues is to be aware of the as they happen. This requires integration of CDR, network and customer information providing the ability to measure service quality based on the customer's view, not just the network’s view.  This view allows service of customers demanding specific network SLAs.  Sybase ESP has proven that it can handle the volume and velocity of CDRs in the toughest of situations (see BICS customer success story).

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