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Products Complementary to SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor

SAP Sybase Replication Server
SAP Sybase ESP provides an input adapter for SAP Sybase Replication Server converting database (SAP Sybase ASE/Oracle) transactions into streams within ESP so that it can be consolidated and analyzed in real?time.  Existing approaches typically require the CEP engine to constantly poll the database, querying it for data changes. This frequent polling results in performance impact to the source database systems. SAP Sybase ESP Adapter for Replication Server utilizes the SAP Sybase Replication Server to read database logs and converts the database transactions, namely, table inserts, updates and deletes and stored procedure invocations into streams within the ESP engine. Compared to typical approaches of polling the database, this solution is non-intrusive, has no performance on source systems, and supports multiple heterogeneous source databases.

SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise
SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) is a high-performance relational database management system for mission-critical, data-intensive environments. SAP Sybase ESP provides adapters for reading/writing data to ASE.  The adapters for reading data from ASE can be configured to poll the database at regular intervals, thereby ensuring that information used in ESP is updated.  If continuous flow of information from the database to the ESP engine is needed, then the replication server adapter mentioned above is recommended.

For more details on the connectivity to ASE refer to the ESP Adapters Guide.

Sybase RAP
Sybase RAP is a unified real-time analytics platform that lets capital market firms make better trading and portfolio decisions across the trade lifecycle from better model development to execution with less risk through timelier, more comprehensive market insight. Sybase RAP is an enterprise-class platform that combines real-time tick capture, trade capture, and historical analytics in a single integrated platform. It includes high performance data stream capture, and an in-memory transactional cache for immediate availability of new information and in-memory query speeds, and a highly scalable historical store that is optimized for analytics.

Input market and trade data streams can be filtered, aggregated using Sybase ESP and stored in Sybase RAP. Alternatively, data from RAP can be used in the ESP engine to perform analysis.

Learn more about Sybase RAP.

SAP Sybase IQ
SAP Sybase IQ is an analytics server designed specifically for advanced analytics, data warehousing, and business intelligence environments. Distinguished from conventional databases by its column-oriented, grid-based architecture, patented data compression, and advanced query optimizer, SAP Sybase IQ is deployed in a wide variety of settings delivering unmatched performance, flexibility, and economy in even the most challenging reporting and analytics environments.

Input streams can be filtered, aggregated using SAP Sybase ESP and stored in SAP Sybase IQ. Alternatively, data from IQ can be used in the ESP engine to perform analysis.

For more details on the connectivity to SAP Sybase IQ, refer to the ESP Adapters Guide

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