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Complex Event Processing (CEP) has a developed specific meaning in financial services and other industries where
a significant and strategic fraction of the business information arrives as a high-speed stream of data. In this case,
Complex Event Processing is the ability to analyze streams of data, identify significant events, and translate noise into
actionable results. These events are often a combination of multiple data points occurring in a specific sequence and
within a given time window. The process of identifying these events is complex, and the results are valuable.

In Capital Markets, Sybase Aleri Event Stream Processor (ESP) can identify valuable market events and then alert
other systems, such as trading systems or risk management systems, to ensure that an organization can react quickly
and efficiently to important business events in the market. In this respect, Sybase ESP is like the eyes of a business —
constantly looking at the world in real-time and allowing the business to navigate past obstacles. Since it seems
amazing to many people that businesses have managed to operate in the blind as well as they have so far, those
businesses that are quickly adopting Sybase ESP are like the proverbial one-eyed king.

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