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Our tests and measurements have proven that Sybase IQ is an excellent technology for telecom data retention where load and query performance is key and strong data protection a must have.

Renè Nitzinger
Product Manager Utimaco Safeware AG

In response to tough new telecom regulations for data retention and on requests by several telecom customers for integrated lawful interception and data retention solutions, Utimaco partnered with Sybase to develop a new purpose-built data retention solution.

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Understanding Market Challenge and Opportunity
Throughout the world laws have been introduced stipulating the responsibility of service providers for data retention purposes. Outlined within the laws is the process for storing call detail records and subscriber data for periods up to 24 months, and in addition responding in a timely manner to ad-hoc inquiries by law enforcement agencies. Data is then used to discover patterns of behavior to identify and trace suspects, uncover social networks among terrorists, or to collect admissible evidence for court proceedings.

For operators this meant three new challenges, firstly having to store millions to billions of records daily, secondly storing data from multiple sources in one location and lastly having the ability to retrieve information to thousands of ad-hoc inquiries. Overcoming these challenges telecom operators and ISPs needed to invest in systems that gave them the ability to store these “big” data volumes and then provide responses in near real-time to the law enforcement agencies. However, the laws stipulated that operators could not themselves derive value from the data stored; instead this data was to be maintained separately and exclusively accessed in response to queries from the law enforcement agencies. Operators needed a system that helped them comply with these laws but that minimized hardware expenses to not more than what was absolutely necessary.

Architecture and POC
Meeting these needs presented Utimaco with a new market segment, fresh revenue opportunities and an urgency to develop an application allowing them to exploit a first-to-market position. Utimaco, already a Sybase partner for over 10 years using the Sybase ASE database behind their “Lawful Interception and Monitoring Solutions”, turned to Sybase for a technology on which this new application could possibly be built. After receiving a call from Utimaco’s product management expressing the need for a powerful data warehouse providing very fast search and massive data analysis, Sybase Germany proposed Sybase IQ and prepared for the POC.

Sybase selected Sun hardware on which to run Sybase IQ and two pre-sales consultants were assigned to work alongside Utimaco during the POC. The first stage of the POC was for Utimaco to see for them self that a database could in fact store such large data sets, from multiple data sources and retrieve information in near real-time.

Next the Sybase team had to prove that Sybase IQ was the best technology to do just that. One of the challenges facing the POC was the time needed to generate the data volumes required to truly test Sybase IQ and the Utimaco application against the real-life environment of a large telecom operator storing and querying data over a 24 month period.

Sybase IQ performed above Utimaco’s expectations with impressive query speeds, deep data analysis capabilities on massive data sets, and a compression rate of 40-80% for CDR data, meaning that the Utimaco data retention solution could be delivered to market at a very acceptable price point due to the significantly reduced data footprint and hardware requirements.

The combination of Sybase responsiveness, access to free of charge hardware, unlimited support from Sybase’s consultants during POC testing and the outstanding performance of Sybase IQ meant that Utimaco did not see the value in researching or evaluating alternative technologies – Sybase IQ was the perfect choice upon which to build the new Utimaco solution.

Support and Software
Months of development work followed in which Utimaco had unrestricted access to Sybase consultants and engineers both through on-site visits and regular phone calls. Rather than charging partners for product training in order for the partner to develop their applications on our technology, Sybase believes in offering truly unrestricted support to enable our partners to deliver outstanding solutions to their target customers. In 2008 the Utimaco Data Retention Suite (DRS) was launched.

Winning the first deal with their new application would be a huge milestone for Utimaco, to help capture this crucial first deal, Sybase was ready to discount Sybase IQ heavily in order for Utimaco to seize this win and and use it as a reference to increase momentum in the market for the solution. Supporting Utimaco in bringing the solution to market, Sybase also spoke and moderated panel discussions at numerous Data Retention conferences alongside Utimaco to advocate Sybase technology and build awareness for the Utimaco DRS solution.

The Right Solution, at the Right Time and at the Right Price
Sybase IQ gives Utimaco a state-of-the-art data warehouse that has become the backbone of the DRS solution. Fully optimized for simultaneous loading of massive data volumes, the system can access “big” data volumes in near real-time, with average queries results returned in seconds not minutes. Capable of ingesting several billion data records per day, Utimaco DRS supports the transaction rates generated by large telecommunications networks with millions of subscribers, while maintaining a considerably reduced data footprint through exceptional compression rates to a factor of 80%. Utimaco DRS can scale with data volumes from a few million to billions of data records and customers can easily extend their installation as capacity and performance needs grow.

The result; Utimaco have a solution that addresses the market need, delivers on its promise, at the right price point - while generating a new revenue stream for Utimaco.

Ongoing Support
Sybase maintains a tight relationship with the Utimaco product management team, offering Utimaco true account management, ongoing enablement and regular invitations to technology briefing sessions to help keep the Utimaco team up to date on the latest Sybase technologies.


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