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The Province of Hubei (People’s Republic of China)

Sybase technologies have enhanced the quality and availability of tax revenue data, giving the province of Hubei the capacity to drill down into real time information.

The “Golden Tax Project” is a computer network program managed by the Government of the People's Republic of China that allows taxation authorities at all levels to better serve taxpayers and improve their ability to collect and manage taxes. To meet the requirements of the project, the Hubei province Department of Inland Revenue needed to enhance the centralized data-management capabilities of its taxation system. To take on this challenge, and to implement improvements in the way the system processes tax returns, the department turned to Sybase.

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Sybase Technology


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National Tax System Requires Centralized Data Management
Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) provides the core database platform that fulfils the need for centralized, enterprise-class application management. The high availability that ASE offers within clustered server environments allows Hubei to offer real-time data access to senior managers requesting regular report generation without disrupting business operations. With the ASE Partitions Option, DBAs can perform management and maintenance tasks more quickly on individual smaller partitions – rather than on huge tables and indexes. The province of Hubei uses ASE partitioning to facilitate database administrator tasks and reduces the amount of underutilized hardware by allowing IT staff to use servers more efficiently. 

As a high-performance relational database management system for mission-critical and data-intensive environments, ASE ensures the highest operational efficiency and throughput on a broad range of platforms. By implementing a Very Large Storage System (VLSS) for the province of Hubei, Sybase enabled page-size upper limits to be driven by page-number integer representations. By taking this approach, page sizes can now grow to as much as 32 terabytes. 

Sybase Facilitates Off-Site Disaster Recovery
Sybase Replication Server improves business continuity capabilities by enabling off-site backup and disaster recovery. Replication Server synchronizes data in the main data center with an off-site data center so that the province of Hubei has the capability to failover to the recovery site when necessary. Additionally, the province is now able to guarantee real-time business intelligence report-generation with zero system-downtime. Replication Server’s ability to support real-time replication across a wide range of database platforms gives Hubei the flexibility to extend its capabilities across multiple systems. 

Using Sybase IQ, Hubei Inland Revenue can analyze data on how well the tax-collection process works and forecast future tax revenues accordingly. Sybase IQ has dramatically improved the speed and accuracy of analysis reporting, empowering senior management to make better, more informed, business-critical decisions based on real-time data. 

As a high-performance, decision-support server, Sybase IQ provides Hubei with the ability to conduct comprehensive investigations and to analyze revenue gaps among cities and industries. Users can now more accurately forecast revenues, analyze tax source controls, taxation evaluation, and decision-analysis through instant queries.

New Database Management System Improve Efficiency and Forecasting
The three Sybase technologies—ASE, Replication Server and Sybase IQ—were key to the development and advancement of the Hubei tax information system. With Sybase technology, Hubei Inland Revenue and the province of Hubei have successfully met the centralized data management project requirements of the Golden Tax Project—as regulated by the Government of the People's Republic of China. 

Sybase technologies have enhanced the quality and availability of tax revenue data, giving the province of Hubei the capacity to drill down into real time information. With advanced information capabilities, such as artificial intelligence, data mining and knowledge discovery, the province expects to gain new insights that will allow it to make the overall tax-collection process more efficient and revenue forecasting more accurate.


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