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Sybase® Aleri Adapter for Replication Server

Sybase Aleri Adapter for Replication Server V2.0, is a bridge between database systems and the Aleri Streaming Platform, converting database transactions into streams within the Aleri engine.

This new capability enables firms to tap into existing applications, converting database transactions into business events that can be consolidated and analyzed in real?time using the Aleri Streaming Platform. In the financial markets, firms are already using Aleri Streaming Platform for providing real?time analysis of trade and risk exposure across various asset classes. In many cases, trade and position data is fragmented and is stored in a variety of relational databases in one or more locations. By integrating the Sybase Replication Server with the Aleri Streaming Platform, they can now overcome this fragmentation and consolidate heterogeneous data in real?time, continuously. Of particular interest is that this is a non?intrusive approach, allowing the Aleri engine to tap into existing systems without requiring changes to those source systems.

Existing approaches typically require the CEP engine to constantly poll the database, querying it for data changes. This frequent, constant polling results in performance impact to the source database systems.

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