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The Advantages of Sybase's Real-Time and Historical Platform for Capital Markets

Effective use of all available information lies at the heart of better trading. Increasing fragmentation in markets and
data sources, along with relentlessly increasing market data message rates, puts unprecedented demands on data
and analytics infrastructure of front and middle offices. Further, competitive pressures demand that processes, which
formally ran over periods of hours or days, to intraday or even in milliseconds.

In today’s electronic trading environments, sources of information include at least:

Integrating and aggregating this disparate information in both real-time and for historical research is a significant
challenge. These data come from varied sources and in different formats. In addition, the most up to date “snapshots”
for each type of data must be maintained for real-time analysis.

The Sybase capital markets platform stack meets all the demanding requirements in today’s electronic trading
environment. In brief, the Sybase platform stack uniquely delivers unprecedented flexibility, scalability, reliability, and
capacity for data and analytical infrastructure, and meets the following requirements:

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