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Everything Everywhere was formed through the merger of T-Mobile UK and Orange UK. Owned jointly by Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom, Everything Everywhere Limited is the UK's largest mobile communications company, with a customer base of 30 million subscribers. Its partnership with Sybase 365 transforms the industry by giving customers instant access to everything everywhere, offering the best value, best choice and best network experience in the country.

Business Advantage

Key Benefits

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Optimum Subscriber Experience
A typical mobile operator within Europe such as T-Mobile UK, will have between 300 to 450 SMS bilateral agreements (GSM AA.19 contracts or GSM Roaming Agreements) with other mobile operators for the purposes of sending and receiving SMS messages. Currently, Sybase 365 processes more than 1.4 billion messages per day, reaching over 850 operators and 4 billion subscribers around the world.    The Intelligent Routeback Solution that Sybase 365 implemented at Everything Everywhere, now enables the organization to seamlessly combine its existing bilateral agreements, with the complete Sybase 365 SMS reach list of destinations, to grow revenues, while providing the optimum subscriber experience.

A New Solution to Numerous Bilateral Agreements
Everything Everywhere was originally interested in Sybase 365’s unparalleled resources in the world of mobility, as well is its experience and commitment to driving successful messaging throughput for its clients. After issuing a comprehensive request for quotation to invite hubbing vendors to provide detailed technical information, it chose Sybase 365.  This decision was based on Sybase 365’s global reach, existing business relationship, technical expertise and time to deliver the necessary technology customization for the solution.

After the GSMA (the standard mobile telecoms entity) carried out various trials with SMS hubbing three years ago, mobile operators slowly started to migrate all/some of their international SMS business to a SMS hub for both commercial and technical reasons. Given this wave of change, there are still holdouts, as some operators prefer maintaining their existing SMS bilateral agreements.    Sybase 365’s patent pending Intelligent Routeback Solution overcomes these concerns.

Inner Workings of Intelligent Routeback
The platform is composed of multiple physical servers sharing the same Global Title and 2 different IP addresses, behind a load-balancer, which is responsible for serving 321 out of 850 of Sybase 365's Operator customers. Mobile Number Portability (MNP) currently exists in 52 countries, and this number continues to increase. To address this requirement, Sybase 365 has a dedicated platform, referred to as the Number Resolution System (NRS). The NRS platform is a Sybase 365 hosted platform, used to manage all country numbering plans while supporting MNP in-country.    Sybase 365 also provides Everything Everywhere with access to its SMS Report Manager, which is a hosted, secure Web-based SMS reporting platform that enables the company to view its International SMS messaging traffic towards Sybase 365.

Exceeding Projected Goals
Everything Everywhere now is able to set aggressive revenue targets as a result of the Intelligent Routeback Solution. Based on the current performance, even this aspirational revenue target is set to be exceeded.   Everything Everywhere and its subscribers benefit by:    

  • Maintaining existing bilateral agreements – transparency to users
  • Increasing retail and wholesale revenue from international SMS
  • Reducing operational expenses, primarily operational resources
  • Maintaining a high quality of service on all the SMS routes
  • Immediately expanding the network with each new Sybase 365 operator addition
  • Integrating SMS billing 

Lee Nightingale, interconnect manager, summarizes the relationship, “I would definitely recommend Sybase 365, as a company they are very open, the working relationship between relevant people to make solutions work is second to none.”


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