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With PowerDesigner, we now have a tool capable of administering our current and future development needs efficiently and economically. We also have an open and dynamic solution that allows us to align technical resource capacity with business needs for report generation.

Manel Crespo Rodriquez
Director of Architecture, BBVA

BBVA, a global financial services group, offers individuals and corporate customers a complete range of financial and non-financial services. The company is a leader in the Spanish market where it first began business operations more than 150 years ago. BBVA also holds a leading market position in South America and is the largest financial institution in Mexico. In the United States, BBVA is one of the 15th largest commercial banks, and it is one of the few large international financial groups operating in China and Turkey. The company employs over 100,000 people in more than 30 countries and has more than 47 million customers as well as 900,000 shareholders.

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Improved Reporting Reliability and Capacity Required to Facilitate Business Decision-Making
BBVA has a wide range of information systems containing enormous amounts of data and metadata, which are constantly accessed by close to 1,000 company analysts and developers. The analysts need to access information and periodically introduce modifications after performing impact analysis to identify the possible consequences of modifications. The developers need access to corporate data when developing new applications.

"The efficiency of the analysts and developers depends on the access they have to stored information," says Manel Crespo Rodriquez, director of architecture for BBVA. "The speed at which queries can be created and the ability to verify the accuracy of the data as well as the data consistency are fundamental to performing tasks efficiently."

BBVA realized the existence of a common view and access to a single repository with a consistent data information model for analysts and developers would lead to an increase in their productivity. Such a system would also streamline report queries so that the developers and analysts could guarantee information accuracy and provide information to business unit leaders more quickly.

"We wanted to provide flexible, report-query capabilities so that our various business unit managers could get answers for the business issues they face," Rodriquez said. "To productively implement changes, managers need quick access to reliable information."

BBVA embarked on a project to transform its information architecture into a fast and flexible global system to meet business-leader demands while also optimizing analyst and developer quality and efficiency. In addition, BBVA sought to create centralized governance over the data architecture. This would guarantee the consistent application of corporate policies in relation to various application information models as well as proper integration into the corporate data model.

"We had a complex environment of existing documentation with different tools and a set of already established changes to our databases," Rodriquez says. "We needed a new data modeling tool that could integrate with our existing tools and systems without affecting their performance and roles."

Increased Reporting Productivity with Reduced Reporting Costs
To address this challenge, BBVA chose Sybase PowerDesigner to design, integrate and manage system data models in a consistent manner as well as to streamline changes and accelerate new development efforts. With the help of PowerDesigner, the bank created a repository containing all data-model information supporting the information systems.

PowerDesigner allowed BBVA to increase report-query productivity and reduce report-generation costs while also providing faster and more reliable reports to meet business unit requirements. The implementation has resulted in BBVA streamlining business-requirement management as well as improving access to data-model information for analysts, developers and business managers.

"With a common view into a single repository of the data model for all users, programming is now much easier," Rodriquez said. "PowerDesigner can also be easily integrated with other tools involved in database changes and task automation, which helps us establish a centralized data model for architecture governance."

The new collaboration environment also guarantees information consistency as well as adherence with corporate policies for work performed by all those involved in projects, including analysts, developers, business unit managers, and architects—all of which share information and documentation. PowerDesigner has led to an increase in productivity and an improvement of services provided.

Centralized Governance over Corporate Data Models
The BBVA data architecture team now relies on PowerDesigner to centrally govern all data models. The team can validate model modifications quickly because of the automation capabilities provided by PowerDesigner. "We can easily compare new versions with the previous versions to detect the changes," Rodriquez said. "This makes the process much easier for the data architecture team, which reviews design quality and guarantees correct integration with the corporate model."

In addition, the data architecture team can easily compare models directly with databases. This allows documentation to be handled confidently and has encouraged more application work with data models. Moving from table management to data-model management has also improved development capacity, design quality and turnaround time.

"The simple task of recovering reliable data-model documentation to find solutions used to take much longer," Rodriquez said. "PowerDesigner has made it possible to eliminate unproductive project planning tasks with its repository, which we integrated with the most recent corporate data model."

By deploying PowerDesigner, BBVA can also now guarantee information consistency and coherence, and the company has streamlined business application modifications as well as the development process by correctly defining and managing conceptual, logical and physical data models.

Aligning Technical Resource Capacity with Business Needs
The integration of data models into the single PowerDesigner repository has enabled BBVA to not only improve developer performance, but to also reduce the cost of application maintenance by unifying various data models and by aligning application data models with the corporate data models. "We now have a tool capable of administering our current and future development needs efficiently and economically," Rodriquez says. "We also have an open and dynamic solution that allows us to align technical resource capacity with business needs for report generation."

PowerDesigner also helps BBVA address the increasing need to manage metadata in order to ensure adaptability; reduce redundancy and query time; and to obtain the best results when defining and modifying processes. "PowerDesigner facilitates data model governance and documentation in a safe manner, anytime and anywhere," Rodriquez says. "We now have a series of advanced techniques that allow for improved information system management, quality, integration, and performance."

By deploying the Sybase PowerDesigner data-model, BBVA has also implemented a new application programming method while shortening the time needed for analysis and increasing the quality of application design. "Our documentation is more reliable and more accessible to analysts and developers," Rodriquez explains. "This enables increased development productivity so we can respond more quickly to business reporting needs."

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