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The-K Insurance

"Sybase ASE Cluster Edition has allowed us to meet customer demands as well as internal reporting needs. We are also able to meet all of our online demands with a stable 24/7 environment. Many customers have reported how satisfied they are when running report queries.”

Tae Hon Kim
Assistant Manager, Transcription DBA, IT Operations Team, The-K Insurance

As South Korea-based The-K Insurance began to experience rapid customer growth and considered expanding its insurance product line, the company wanted to ensure the performance of its database applications. This included quickly providing customers with information via a Web portal as well as providing internal users with report information. To solve the challenge, The-K Insurance deployed Sybase ASE Cluster Edition, which provides high-availability for users across multiple databases. The-K Insurance can now ensure customers and internal users receive data quickly and reliably. The company is also positioned to meet future increased database demand as it adds new insurance products.

Business Advantage

As database user-demand grows due to the addition of new customers and insurance products, The-K Insurance maintains application performance by balancing internal and external user-access demand across multiple databases.

Key Benefits

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Maintaining Database Performance as User Demand Increases

The-K Insurance, based in South Korea, provides online auto insurance products as well as other general insurance policies. The company focuses on providing auto insurance to teachers and government employees but also plans to expand its services by offering long-term care insurance in the near future.

As is the case with many companies, the The-K Insurance IT team needs to deliver high application service levels and reliable guarantees of system up-time. As the company began to grow rapidly and anticipated increased future growth, the database demand workload continued to accelerate, adding to the pressure faced by the IT team. The-K Insurance wanted to improve system capacity so it could continue to service customers quickly and effectively while also ensuring stable data access for online services that customers need 24/7.

“In addition to ensuring we could continue servicing customers properly, we also wanted to improve our database performance for internal purposes,” says Tae Hon Kim, an assistant manager on the The-K Insurance IT Operations Team. “Senior management must quickly generate reports and run ad-hoc queries to ensure the business performs optimally.”

Sybase ASE Cluster Edition Provides Lowest TCO Solution

To take on this challenge, The-K Insurance turned to Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) Cluster Edition. The new Virtualized Resource Management™ technology and shared-disk cluster architecture offered by ASE Cluster Edition enables The-K Insurance to ensure database application-performance service levels and to consolidate the number of physical servers, reducing infrastructure costs.

The virtualization capability of ASE Cluster Edition also assists The-K Insurance if its data center reaches power, space, cooling and budget limits. ASE Cluster Edition builds on the proven reliability and ease-of-use of the Sybase ASE database platform that The-K Insurance had previously deployed to maximize resources, increase efficiency and take application availability to new levels.

“From a compatibility standpoint ASE Cluster Edition made sense for us to add to our existing Sybase technologies, which includes Sybase ASE and Replication Server,” Kim says. “We also compared ASE Cluster Edition to other cluster solutions by conducting an in-depth, five-year total-cost-of-ownership analysis. The short and long-term cost of ASE Cluster Edition proved to be significantly less.”

ASE Cluster Edition now serves as a supplement to ASE, while Replication Server transfers information to keep data consistent and up-to-date among both systems. By deploying ASE Cluster Edition, The-K Insurance is assured that customers can always access the information they need through the company Website. Internal users are also assured of being able to access data and run the reports they need to perform their jobs.

Improved Database Performance for Customers and All Business Functions

With the new Sybase ASE Cluster Edition solution, which is a first for the South Korean financial industry, The-K Insurance improved application reporting performance for all business functions including customer service, telemarketing, sales, human resources, and finance. “ASE Cluster Edition serves as the backbone system for all our transaction processing,” Kim says. “The technology also simplifies our disaster recovery process. We have an ASE Cluster Edition in our off-site disaster recovery center so we can failover immediately if necessary.”

The solution has improved The-K Insurance system capacity and performance as the workload for general insurance and long-term care insurance programs has continually increased. “Sybase ASE Cluster Edition has allowed us to meet customer demands as well as internal reporting needs,” Kim says. “We are also able to meet all of our online demands with a stable 24/7 environment. Many customers have reported how satisfied they are when running report queries.”

ASE Cluster Edition has given The-K Insurance a stable environment so that customers can continue to access the insurance information they need and internal users can continue to generate the reports they need to run the business.  “Sybase technology plays a vital role in helping us deliver data, and we plan to expand our capabilities in the near future by creating a Sybase IQ data warehouse to further enhance our reporting and ad-hoc inquiry systems,” Kim says.

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