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FISA- Financiera Independencia

Every business has the objective of generating profits. Many people ask us how we are able to give so much credit without our loan portfolio going through the roof. The name of the game is: control.

Verónica Cueli
Deputy Director of Information Systems, FISA

Financiera Independencia’s (FISA) growth has been exceptional. This Mexico-based financial services company increased loans from 100 to 2,000,000 in a few short years. For this rapid growth, it needed to rely on a system that would help manage this influx of data.

Business Advantage

Key Benefits

Sybase Technology


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The Search for the Right Technology
Financiera Independencia is a multiple purpose financial company (SOFOM). Its principal aim is to provide consumer credit. It began as the first SOFOL (Limited Purpose Financial Company) in Mexico and recently it became a SOFOM, allowing the exploration of other financial areas via the use of various products.  The company mission is to support the country's working classes using various financial products that meet their requirements, via a service that is distinguished by its quality and availability, giving consumers formal access to the financial system.

FISA’s early system was developed using a traditional relational database. As the company grew, it became apparent that this system would not provide the speed, analytics or flexibility FISA required. FISA began evaluating business intelligence tools and ultimately decided on Sybase IQ because it provided response times FISA’s IT teams had never seen before.

Developing a Scalable Information Center
"I am still impressed with the speed of Sybase IQ. When we view the information in a traditional database and compare it with Sybase IQ, the response time of Sybase IQ is much quicker and more useful. We cannot live without it now," says Verónica Cueli, deputy director of Information Systems at FISA.

The heart of Financiera Independencia’s systems is the called the Information Center – it is used to manage all data the organization generates each day. The Information Center displays consolidated information which is further broken down to the required level of application and vendor. It also contains historic information so that trends and indicators can be observed and used for vital decision-making.

Verónica Cueli emphasizes, "The engine behind our Information Center is Sybase IQ and this is what makes the difference."  "The speed of response this database allows the user to examine the data in greater detail until they find what they are looking for without having to wait hours for the requested information. The success of this system is reflected by the doubling of monthly consultations by both the corporate staff as well the branch staff.”

Sybase IQ is also used when an unplanned analysis is needed to search for certain client behavior based on various characteristics. This type of query has allowed Sybase IQ to become an essential information engine for the company, with excellent results.

Financiera Independencia has more than 500 Sybase IQ users primarily managing loan applications, contracts, application logs, charge transactions and quality control. Users see Sybase IQ’s main values in its speed, compression capabilities and easy maintenance:

  1. Speed: Users can now query the system and pull reports without slowing down the system.
  2. Compression: Sybase IQ uses between 30% and 50% less space than the previous system.
  3. Low Maintenance. Sybase IQ is a database that does not require much administration or maintenance. This saves money and makes daily operations more efficient.

Speed and Reliability
"Our Sybase IQ users did not have to take any kind of training classes, although they do need to have some knowledge on database design. This is not a product that requires much training, therefore the learning curve is not a factor for us," noted Verónica Cueli.

When first developed, only a few executives had access to the Information Center. Since deployment of Sybase IQ, hundreds of concurrent users can now access the system seamlessly.  The company decided to allow all branch managers to have direct access to the center. Since managers have been using the system as a source for making informed business decisions, the number of monthly customer consultations has doubled.

With Sybase IQ, Financiera Independencia has launched itself into the information era, finding that the more information the user is given, the more creative they become, they can begin to create new opportunities, and productivity skyrockets.

Goals for the Future
One of the strategic objectives of Financiera Independencia is providing the best service to its clients, with the right technology as key to efficiently achieving this goal. Using Sybase IQ, FISA now has the tools to make better business decisions and achieve outstanding customer service.

Verónica Cueli concludes, "Actually, the Sybase IQ technology is very different from anything else I have seen on the market. All the promise of Sybase IQ has fulfilled our expectations; we have now been successful with it for one and half years, and will continue to be in the future."


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