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Urgent from Sybase: Sybase CEP Server discards messages with Warning C3606.

Summary: This document describes a situation where Sybase CEP (versions R3 ESD1, R4 and R4 ESD 1) discards messages with Warning C3606:

Received and discarded message with timestamp prior to current processing time.


This document contains the following sections:

  • Customer Alert
  • Recommendation

Customer Alert

When the problem happens, an error C3606 is logged in the errorlog indicating there was a dropped message due to timestamp misorder handling on the server. If a CEP user is not monitoring their errorlog, these messages will go unnoticed. This can happen on Sybase CEP R3 ESD# 1, CEP R4 and CEP R4 ESD# 1.


The problem is related to the tracer logic that is used for latency performance monitoring. This tracer logic is enabled by default. A workaround for the problem is to disable tracers in the c8-server.conf file. To do this, change the "EnableTracers" value from the default of "true" to "false":

<section name="C8/Performance">
    ... ...
    <!-- Enable/disable support for tracer messages to automatically calculate latency -->
    <preference name="EnableTracers" value="false"/>
    ... ...

Fixed Versions

One-off builds with a code fix for the problem are available. Please contact Sybase CS&S if you would like access to these builds.

The code fix will be incorporated into Sybase CEP R4 ESD #2 which will be released in early 2011.


Sybase is tracking this issue under CR #634070.

If you require further assistance please contact your local support center. The contact numbers can be found in the About Support section under Support & Services at the www.sybase.com website.


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