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MediaFriends enables new forms of real-time SMS (Short Message Service) communication that the world has never seen before. With the help of Sybase 365, its technology makes it possible for people to send and receive text messages with any IP-enabled device, whether or not they are using a mobile phone. MediaFriends also enables MMS (Multimedia Message Service) sending and receiving, and facilitates communication via social networks. Its technology can be used on mobile phones as well as the full range of mobile devices such as the Apple iPad and iPod Touch, or any device with a screen and IP address—such as e-readers, digital TV’s, Blu-ray players, desktops, laptops, netbooks and even video game systems. In a nutshell, MediaFriends extends text messaging beyond mobile phones.

Business Challenge

MediaFriends takes real time communications to a higher level by enabling consumers to text and chat on a multitude of non-phone devices

Key Benefits

  • Expands the universe of addressable devices for the carrier’s messaging services
  • Enhances real-time communications without taking away from the value of real-time chat services
  • Enables controls that let users define what time of day they want to receive messages on each of their devices

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Enabling Communication the World has Never Seen Before
MediaFriends provides its technology to a variety of customers including individual consumers, enterprise businesses and mobile carriers, which can use this technology to allow customer mobile phone numbers to also work on non-phone, IP-enabled devices. This lets customers receive and send text messages from wherever they want. For example, text messages can be directed to a PC, MAC or Apple iPad.

Consumers who acquire the MediaFriends service can define how and where they want to receive and send messages. They can elect, for example, to send a text message from a video game system to a mobile phone user. The company also enables controls that let users define what time of day they want to receive messages on each of their devices. The partnership between Sybase 365 and MediaFriends made this cutting-edge dream a reality.

 “The number of world-class companies that offer mobile messaging technology is limited to approximately a dozen firms. We know all of them really well, and Sybase 365 is clearly the global leader. They developed mobile messaging technology that was among the very first in the world to be integrated with the major global mobile networks to perform SMS aggregation and offer SMS hub services. Today, Sybase 365 has the largest global reach and provisions the highest quality mobile-messaging networks. We consider them to be the platinum standard of the market. Their partnerships with global carriers and their technology truly sets Sybase 365 apart from the competition.” says Gene Lew, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of MediaFriends.

Incredible Real-Time Chat Services
HeyWire, MediaFriends’ recently released consumer service takes real time communications to a higher level by enabling the consumer to text on a multitude of devices as well as offering chat capability with services such as Facebook.   For example, users can see if Facebook friends are online through HeyWire’s presence technology and start a Facebook Chat conversation via any IP HeyWire enabled device rather than having to be at a PC or laptop. We will also soon add more capabilities involving real-time messaging and incorporating services such as Twitter, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk amongst others.

HeyWire essentially enhances real-time communications without taking away from the value of real-time chat services. Users can now integrate their favorite chat service with multiple devices so that they can communicate in real time. Users can also assign a phone number to non-phone devices that are HeyWire IP-enabled so they can send and receive text messages as well as multimedia picture/video messages. In addition, users can designate that text messages be sent to one or a plethora of any number of their other Heywire enabled IP devices.  So when someone sends their friend a text message, it can be delivered on their iPod Touch, PC, iPad, mobile phone or any other number of HeyWire enabled devices. 

For mobile phone carriers, HeyWire enables them to offer a service to their customers through which mobile phone numbers can be enabled for text messaging on other devices, expanding the universe of addressable devices for the carrier’s messaging services by orders of magnitude beyond just mobile phones. This means users can have one phone number, their unique global identity, enabled on potentially every IP device they use.

Conversely, some users may want more than one number for the same device- MediaFriends enables this. This is particularly helpful if they need to separate business communications from personal communications. Users can have two phone numbers on a single device so that business and personal messages arrive via different services. Businesses like this feature because they can make sure they are not paying for personal text messaging.

Text Messaging is on the Rise
Sybase 365 technology makes it possible for HeyWire to perform at a high level across the entire globe. Mediafrieds requires a partner like Sybase 365 with technology that allows it to plug HeyWire into the global SMS ecosystem so it can function across virtually all carrier networks.

“Sybase 365 is proficient at processing massive amount of SMS messages per year—at a rate unmatched by competitors. Sybase 365 also processes text messages quickly, reliably and with high quality. Competitors have tried to reach the levels that Sybase 365 has attained, but they don’t have the technology to process the massive volumes or the same global reach.” Explains Mr. Lew

The technology’s capabilities are particularly important given that the volume of text messaging continues to soar, and with the introduction of HeyWire, Medifriends expects its volume will increase rapidly. Studies show that teenagers average 3300+ text messages per month, and the 18-25 age bracket averages 2000+ per month. MediaFriends has also observed older age groups increase texting activity because they realize that’s the best way to communicate with younger age groups.

Sybase 365 Partnership
Gene Lew details his team’s experience working with Sybase 365, “It was truly a team effort. We did some of the integration work ourselves, but we also worked with Sybase as the combined solution required custom integration work from each with one another. Sybase has been a great partner and has enthusiastically worked with us to create an SMS service that’s never been achieved before. Others have come close, but not to the level we are offering with HeyWire and its ability to send and receive text messages without traditional mobile phone network access capability. The overall integration project lasted about 18 months, and the entire Sybase team—sales, marketing, product, engineering and operations—developed a strong personal relationship with us and worked hard to help bring HeyWire to market as quickly as possible.”

Technology and MediaFriends’ Users
Thanks to MediaFriends’ innovation with Sybase 365 technology, its customers can text message anyone,  anywhere in the world with Heywire IP-enabled devices—regardless of whether or not it’s a mobile phone. “Other mobile messaging platforms might offer a similar service, but they are usually limited to the type of device they can communicate with or limited to their own proprietary user group, and they are often limited to specific geographic regions. Because of our partnership with Sybase, the ability to text message will be the same for all IP-enabled devices and mobile phones as it is today from mobile phone to mobile phone.” Says Mr. Lew

Additionally, MediaFriends has found that adults now have more ways to communicate with their children and other family members while children also have more ways to get in touch with their parents. HeyWire is particularly beneficial for communicating with younger generations, which are accustomed to using a variety of devices. Mr. Lew explains, “It also changes family social dynamics. The iPod Touch, for example, can be more easily controlled by parents since it’s not a phone but can now be used as a device for text messaging.”

Influencing the Future
HeyWire is targeted towards individual consumers, but Sybase 365 also provides the ability to consider adding mobile e-commerce and enterprise business-communication capabilities. Mr. Lew concludes, “We can also use Sybase 365 to enable mobile carriers to offer additional texting services to their customers. The technology is quite robust in the range of features that it offers, and we look forward to our partnership with Sybase 365 that will last a long time and prove beneficial to both of us.”

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