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The current release line (3.x) of the Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform supports UTF-8 encoded data within data streams, but with the following limitations:

  1. UTF-8 encoded data is supported in source streams (input streams) and derived streams (including output streams). Thus events streamed or loaded into Source Streams may contain UTF-8 encoded data, and this data is correctly carried through the model. Testing has shown that the server and studio are able to receive, store, display and output UTF-8 encoded data.
  2. Adapters have not been tested with (non-ASCII) UTF-8 data.
  3. Most operators and string functions, however, are not supported for non-ASCII data. The only operators supported for non-ASCII UTF-8 strings are =, <, >. The use of non-ASCII string data in expressions in any other way (including filter expressions) is not supported.
  4. Constants and literals cannot be assigned UTF-8 values outside the ASCII range.
  5. Non-ASCII characters are not supported in the metadata – such as stream names, column names, etc
  6. At this time, the Studio interface, error messages, logs, etc are only supported in English

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