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Korea Transportation Safety Authority

With Sybase solutions, we can reduce our IT investment and maintenance costs from a business administration perspective. We can now provide more stability and faster query performance from large data sets. Our vehicle inspections implementation and data storage operations system’s performance and service stability have been greatly enhanced.

Kim Joon-mo
Manager, Advanced Transport Information Office, Korea Transportation Safety Authority

The Korea Transportation Safety Authority (KOTSA) is Korea’s only institution specializing in overall traffic safety, managing road, rail and air traffic. KOTSA conducts vehicle inspections and performance testing, as well as provides education, research, diagnosis and public information for road, rail and air traffic safety. Recently, the organization has also been offering an ITS-based traffic information service. The system was built with the goal of integrating data from various institutions, including auto repair shops, multiple cities and provinces, and information from the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs. This singular source provides data to generate statistics, facilitate a national tracking and retrieval processes, and provides reliable accessibility for a large number of users.

Business Advantage

To address changing vehicle inspection regulations, KOTSA developed an integrated system to meet the growing number of vehicle inspection sites, as well as a corresponding increase in numbers of clients and data.

Key Benefits

Sybase Technology


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Transportation Industry’s Need for Speed
Previously, the Korea Transportation Safety Authority (KOTSA) required that all vehicles be inspected for safety each year at a car dealership or authorized inspection branch.  Last year a new regulation passed that expanded the approved inspection sites to include auto repair shops.  This influx of inspection sites also increased the number of clients using KOTSA’s data management system, greatly slowing the system and causing data management issues.  KOTSA needed an immediate improvement to its system. KOTSA turned to Sybase to enhance the system’s efficiency. The company was specifically interested in Sybase’s impressive TCO, superior data retrieval and analysis speed, unmatched service, and easy and reliable retrieval from a standby database platform.

Tracking all Traffic
As the only institution in Korea specializing in transportation, the Korea Transportation Safety Authority is responsible for managing all road, rail and air traffic simultaneously and ensuring that all avenues are safe. This means that KOTSA must provide education, research, and continuous monitoring. KOTSA also provides an ITS-based traffic information service that informs drivers and passengers of problems or delays.  Behind the scenes, KOTSA is vital to keeping Korea safe, requiring an IT solution that keeps all the various institutions connected while providing a stable IT solution for the large, and growing, number of users.

ASE Partitions and High Availability Options
KOTSA chose the Sybase ASE 15 Partition Option to improve retrieval and analysis speed for its growing volumes of data. Mounting data stores, additional inspection sites and new users began to bog down the system and did not allow for the needed system flexibility. Using ASE Partitions, KOTSA can distribute information throughout each inspection site around the county, while ensuring proper records are kept where they need to be and each dealership, repair shop, or inspection site can communicate with one another without delay or despite system outages. This option also enables KOTSA to make updates at any time without affecting query? speed or usability.

ASE High Availability Option provides KOTSA with a reliable backup in case of downtime or system failure. Just as the travelers and commuters throughout Korea never stop, ASE’s high availability with the help of Replication Server ensures KOTSA’s system can continue to operate during any downtime, and then quickly recover without a glitch. 

Improved Service, Better Publicity, Increased Sales
With Sybase solutions, KOTSA improves vehicle inspection services with online appointment bookings, provides the ability to access information immediately, enables locating used cars through accumulated data, and even reduces workloads for city/provincial workers.

With this efficient system, there has been an increase in recognition of the KOTSA name throughout Korea. Koreans now rely on the many services the organization provides.  KOTSA’s sales have also increased through marketing activities for clients whose inspection date is close to expiring and by changing the inspection structure. These successes have brought new customers in droves.

Other milestones include:

  • Providing business flexibility and scalability through a unique inspection system
  • Operating Korea’s only integrated data repository for everything related to vehicle inspections
  • Allow marketing-differentiated services such as online appointment bookings and overall diagnostics for automotive performance
  • Simplify data processes for integrated testing legislation for safety and exhaust systems.

Future Plans
KOTSA is looking to the future with Sybase and planning to implement an integrated automotive information center that will track, manage and analyze the entire history of a vehicle – from purchase to repairs to end of life. This new system is sure to revolutionize the transportation industry and ensure the safety of all drivers and other travelers.

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