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Novo Nordisk A/S

To us, the mobile device management solution is like having electricity or water – it just has to be there! It is now a natural part of our IT infrastructure.

Ulrik Moes
Senior Project Manager, Novo Nordisk

To support its worldwide sales organization, Novo Nordisk planned to deploy a centralized Siebel CRM solution to mobile phones, smartphones and PDA’s to the sales teams around the world. In order to centrally manage its diverse population of mobile devices from a central mobile device management solution, Novo Nordisk selected Afaria from Sybase. It now has the power and flexibility to manage and update devices and deliver information across the world, regardless of wireless coverage.

Business Challenge

Deploy and manage a global Siebel CRM solution on a variety of mobile devices from a central device management solution

Key Benefits

Sybase Technology


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A Culture of Innovation and Leadership
Novo Nordisk manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products and services and is a leader in diabetes care. Headquartered in Denmark, it employs more than 29,000 employees worldwide, and markets its products in 179 countries. Novo Nordisk is widely recognized as an innovative leader both in the products it develops and in the corporate culture it fosters, recently being named as one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.

To maintain and grow its position of global leadership, it is continually seeking ways to increase its competitiveness in the market, improve customer service and employee job satisfaction.

Requirements for a Global Mobility Solution
To support its worldwide sales organization, Novo Nordisk planned to deploy a centralized Siebel CRM solution to mobile phones, smartphones and PDA’s to the sales teams around the world. The global deployment of a solution to more than 1000 mobile devices across eight countries provided a particular set of challenges given the variety of mobile data standards and policies as well as different types of cultures and user needs around the world. In order to execute on its global mobility solution plans, Novo Nordisk developed an extensive set of requirements and began its search for a technology that would support it now and provide flexibility and scalability in the future.

Part of the requirement for a global mobility solution was to find a solution that would allow Novo Nordisk to manage its various PDA’s, smartphones and mobile phones from a central mobile device management solution. Information residing on the mobile devices is critical to business and highly sensitive so security and control are a critical element of any solution. Novo Nordisk felt they would see additional benefits of deploying a central device management solution through the alignment it would produce in the mobile population. When Novo Nordisk wants to deploy applications or software updates to its users, a central solution could make this happen simultaneously and with a minimum level of support and little to no end user interaction.

Afaria Exceeds Expectations and Strict Technical Requirements
Novo Nordisk tested different mobile management solutions in the past, but did not find one that met its high level of technical and performance requirements. It was the continuing quest for a solution that led Novo Nordisk to Danish mobile technology specialist, Mobility Architects, and Afaria from Sybase. It was immediately clear after testing Afaria that it was the only solution that could meet the strict technical requirements set forth by the Novo Nordisk IT team. Afaria excelled in over-the-air deployment, easy installation, rapid implementation and central management. It was also the best tool to meet high performance requirements, and did not consume excessive battery power and bandwidth in the process. In all parameters, Afaria turned out to be the clear choice for Novo Nordisk. “Afaria was the only solution, which could meet all our technical and performance requirements on a global scale. It is simply easy to install, roll out and upgrade,” stated Ulrik Moes, Senior Project Manager at Novo Nordisk.

After Novo Nordisk made the decision to go with Afaria, Sybase and Mobility Architects worked with Novo Nordisk to develop a global mobile device management configuration. They employed several features native to Afaria to improve performance and simplify implementation and use. Using Afaria, the Novo Nordisk IT team can deploy new applications to mobile devices quickly – and without extensive end user interaction. A new mobile phone user just needs to answer ‘yes’ to Novo Nordisk’s configuration process, and the installation happens automatically.

Additionally, Novo Nordisk sees significant benefit from the Afaria multi-tenant feature. It enables individual countries or regions to provide their own local support, a necessity since each market has it own data connections, policies and requirements. For example, in India, Novo Nordisk field sales representatives only work on mobile devices - not laptops or PC’s – and they are measured by the number of documented physician visits they make each day. These visits are documented through an application on the field sales representative’s mobile device. The wireless coverage and bandwidth in India can be spotty and unpredictable so Novo Nordisk, working with Mobility Architects, utilized Afaria’s checkpoint restart feature to ensure that data is delivered regardless of the wireless coverage in the area.

Getting the Job Done
Novo Nordisk is seeing rapid success with its Afaria implementation. Afaria is helping to make it easier to manage a large and diverse population of mobile devices. “To us, the mobile device management solution is like having electricity or water – it just has to be there! It is now a natural part of our IT infrastructure,” raved Moes. Additionally, the project managers at Novo Nordisk are pleased with the relationship they were able to forge with Sybase and Mobility Architects. “They have a solid understanding of mobility and the Afaria product. Their ability to plan, design and support the solution is key to our success. The bottom line is they get the job done,” stated Moes.

Apart from technical and performance benefits, Novo Nordisk’s implementation of Afaria has helped sales managers have greater visibility to global reports, sales activities and sales results. Sales managers can now collect data in real time, react to sales figures and make adjustments and respond quickly. Novo Nordisk’s field sales representatives are thrilled with having effective mobile devices as primary working tools. It means they can work anywhere, anytime and register results in real time. They feel they are trusted with a new mobile device where data quality and speed are central features.


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