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Continuous Intelligence™ for Customer Interaction Optimization

Any smart business person will tell you that the key to growth and profitability in any market is deep understanding of your customers. Understanding customer needs, characteristics and behavior provide the knowledge and tools to effectively interact with them and steadily increase customer value over time.

The growth of internet and electronic driven interactions have severely altered this landscape. Forrester Research estimates that U.S. online retail commerce will reach $335 billion in 2012 and comprise 11% of the total market.1 At the same time, related Forrester Research reports show that web interactions will also influence well over $1 trillion of in-store sales.2 Add to this other electronic channels, such as ATMs, kiosks Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and electronic payment authorizations, and firms can quickly drown in a sea of data about their customers.

Getting the data is just part of the battle. The data is irrelevant if you cannot analyze and act in a timely fashion. Every interaction not only represents an opportunity to sell something, but also to increase long-term customer loyalty and value. By customizing every interaction to the specific behavior and interest of that customer at that time, you stand a greater chance of closing the sale and enhancing the overall customer value.

Continuous Intelligence™ provides the platform, tools and techniques that allow organizations to monitor all customer interaction channels, maintain a comprehensive “live” analytic profile of each customer, and drive immediate, personalized offers and service actions at the right time. Through Continuous Intelligence™, companies can utilize rich untapped interaction sources—web, call center, ATMs, kiosks and more—to read and react to customer needs to drive faster purchasing decisions, cross-sell and up-sell products or services, and increase customer loyalty.

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