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Sybase’s Collateral Manager

In today’s rapidly changing liquidity and risk management environment, banks are demanding methods to improve their management of the liquid assets available for use within the intraday and short term liquidity management process. This requires enterprise wide information to support liquidity needs during routine daily operations and more importantly, crisis situations. Organizations are seeking ways to provide Liquidity and Risk Managers with an enterprise wide, intraday view of their collateral positions in liquid assets by asset type, currency, location and business entity.


Sybase’s Collateral Manager, an integral module of Sybase’s Liquidity Management Suite (LMS), provides information on a 24 X 7 basis to monitor and manage near cash assets that can be used for Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) or other settlement mechanisms, or as part of the bank’s contingent funding plan and liquidity management. As part of this function, it also records financial assets that can be used to generate solvent positions in extreme circumstances. Sybase’s Collateral Manager is able to record and track any type of asset (for example, eligible commercial loans) that can be used to provide short term liquidity from the market, at central banks or similar liquidity providing institutions. Collateral Manager does not replace existing trading and safekeeping systems, but integrates into the existing processing infrastructure to provide a real-time, enterprise wide view of the asset positions available to support the institutions liquidity requirements.

Sybase’s Collateral Manager capabilities include:

Provide data for trend analysis, management information and regulatory liquidity risk reporting

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