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Value Grupo Financiero

Currently, Value Grupo Financiero is one if the most profitable financial institutions in Mexico. Much of this achievement is due to the efficiency of its internal systems – developed with Sybase technology.

Gerardo Martinez
Systems Director, Value Grupo Financiero

Value Casa de Bolsa was created for the purpose of offering a range of alternatives on the stock market, for investments as well as financing. Value Grupo Financiero was created following the merger of Fina Factor, Fina Arrenda, and Casa de Bolsa, steadily increasing the number of shareholders. This resulted in the need for a new team focused on driving the growth and profitability of the Grupo and its subsidiaries through efficient IT solutions – this team turned to Sybase for support.

Business Advantage

Key Benefits

Sybase Technology


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An Obsolete System
Originally developed on RPG with IBM system 36 equipment, Value Casa de Bolsa had an obsolete system. Among its many problems, the solution did not offer security when accessing information – a crucial factor when handling financial data.

Value knew it had a big problem on its hands. The user interface was very limited and it constantly returned errors in data capture (approx. 20% errors), and querying the system was practically impossible.

To make matters worse, maintenance of applications was very complicated. Because the system was so outdated, technical support was unable to assist, and backup and recovery services were both time consuming and cumbersome.

Given the growth of the new group, Value Casa de Bolsa had no time to spare, it needed a solution to help it keep up with its growing success and number of users – while providing security and reliability. Sybase proved to be the answer.

Turning Over a New Leaf
Value Casa de Bolsa’s main mission-critical systems were entirely re-built using Sybase technology as well as those of Grupo Financiero’s other subsidiaries. And during production, the previous technology was gradually phased out.

The financial institution acquired HP-9000 equipment operating with HP-UX and relied on Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) to migrate to a new client-server platform. A tool named UNIBOL was installed on the HP-9000 equipment to emulate the previous system, which would assist in the migration process to Sybase.

Prepared for the Future
Grupo Financiero has now developed all its mission critical applications using Sybase technology, including these benefits:

  • Reduction in processing times from 5 hours to 20 minutes
  • Security of information
  • Greater transaction speed, from 2 minutes to approximately 20 seconds
  • Handling of large volumes of historical information
  • Managing backups online and recovery of information quickly, from 6 hours to 30 minutes
  • Ability to work on multiple platforms
  • Operates easily with high volumes of transactions
  • Provides ease in data mining
  • Easy maintenance of databases, procedures, and applications
  • Use of transactions logs as online backups on another server

Using PowerBuilder and Adaptive Server Enterprise, Value Casa de Bolsa’s IT team created an application which opens new doors to the organization and today, Grupo Financiero’s users now benefit from the success.

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