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For a quick video demo, take a picture of this JAGTAG and send it to 524824. Available to Verizon, AT&T and Alltel customers only. Standard messaging and data rates apply. For terms and conditions, visit www.jagtag.com/t&c

JAGTAG is a multimedia messaging service that allows consumers to receive content from companies in which they are interested. This non-invasive mobile media transforms a marketer's physical objects into interactive and measurable digital media. Anywhere mobile consumers encounter a company’s advertisement or placement, they can use their phone to request and receive multimedia content (video, audio, or pictures) in addition to text. By leveraging Sybase 365’s two-way Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), JAGTAG has been able to deploy the only 2D barcode solution that frees users from downloading an application on their mobile device prior to participating and is the only mobile medium that can successfully deliver optimized multimedia to the consumer’s device of choice.

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For marketers, getting information into the hands of customers is the ultimate goal, but also provides the biggest challenge. Website names, quick links and other means proliferate, but most require a great deal of effort on the part of the consumer – risking unrealized opportunities or even campaign failure. Taking advantage of mobile devices (both standard and “smart” phones) and increased ubiquity of SMS/MMS, JAGTAG developed its 2D barcode system. This system allows consumers to receive relevant, targeted content in a multitude of formats directly to their mobile device. At live events, while reading a magazine or anywhere a company’s brand is present, consumers can capture the barcode image via mobile device, send to JAGTAG’s short code, and immediately receive the requested content. This simple solution connects physical properties of any kind with digital media – providing the best possible experience to the consumer.

MMS Capabilities Are at the Core of the Solution
JAGTAG’s service requires complete access for both inbound and outbound MMS, across multiple mobile operators. In selecting a vendor to provide this service, JAGTAG evaluated a number of providers, and selected Sybase 365 due to its unparalleled uptime and direct connections with numerous mobile operators worldwide. John Cashman, vice president of product development, explains the selection, “We were impressed with Sybase 365’s uptime and level of service and our expectation was that Sybase 365 would provide a rock solid connection with the mobile operators and that expectation was successfully met.”

Mapping to the client’s requirements, JAGTAG must access a large network of mobile operators for its services. Doing this directly is an option, but one that is filled with unpredictability and maintaining relationships with numerous mobile operators. Ensuring the short codes are provisioned correctly and can fulfill the JAGTAG mission requires a great deal of coordination and ongoing effort, one that Sybase 365 carries out on JAGTAG’s behalf. “There are a lot of moving parts to this effort,” says Cashman. “So we rely on Sybase 365 to ensure our systems always work and always respond. It simply has to work.”

For example, using the Sybase 365 network of mobile operator relationships, JAGTAG is able to run its solution on Verizon Wireless, the largest mobile operator in the U.S. The capability to tap into this consumer base secured new accounts for the JAGTAG solution. One client ran an event-based campaign using JAGTAG’s service, delivering content directly to participant’s mobile devices. In another campaign, a spectator at the extreme sports competition takes a picture of the bar code from a poster, sends that picture to the JAGTAG short code, and receives a video of the requested athlete. JAGTAG’s service personalizes, targets and immediately delivers the correct content to engaged consumers on their mobile devices through the Sybase 365 messaging network. Cashman explains the unique appeal, “More and more, companies need to live more in the mobile space, with a much more personal approach to marketing and delivering content. Our service provides that capability – to deliver requested information in a way that is readily available and exceptionally appealing to the consumer.”

Technology, Systems, Service and People
The JAGTAG service is a sophisticated combination of leading-edge capabilities, automated systems and messaging services. An additional and equally critical element is the support provided by Sybase 365, ensuring JAGTAG’s efforts are seamless and robust. Says Cashman, “We can develop as much technology as we want, and automate systems, but if someone doesn’t answer the phone on the other end, it doesn’t help. In addressing any of our requirements or questions, Sybase 365 has been very responsive to us in really helping us be successful with our clients.”

The physical world of marketing provides a wealth of choices. The difficult part is measuring the effectiveness of the marketing mix. How many consumers visit your website based on a magazine advertisement, from a billboard, an event promotion, etc.? With JAGTAG, marketers can get those answers, and consumers can receive compelling, relevant information in a preferred way. In an environment where there is a lot of noise, JAGTAG stands out as a clear signal of effectiveness.

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