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Mobile Commerce Customer Profiles

Vodafone Germany
Vodafone Germany is one of the largest and most innovative telecommunication providers in Europe. Serving over 31 million customers, with turnover of more than EUR 8 billion and 9,000 employees. Vodafone Germany selected Sybase 365 to launch a national mobile payment system in Germany. With the Sybase 365 mCommerce products, Vodafone Germany enables their customers to exploit the full potential of mobile commerce for secure payments on the Internet, mobile content and NFC payments.

O2 Germany
O2 is a leading provider of mobile services to consumers and businesses. It serves over 11 million customers with services including voice, text, media messaging, games, music and video, as well as always on data connections via GPRS, 3G and WLAN. O2 Germany has also integrated fixed / mobile businesses. O2 Germany joined forces with Vodafone Germany and Sybase 365 for the set-up of a new German mobile payment system. Leveraging Sybase 365 mCommerce products, German subscribers can take advantage of the full potential of mobile commerce.

mobilkom austria AG & Co KG
mobilkom austria is the market leading mobile operator with more than 11 million customers in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria and Vodafone logo partner in all these markets. mobilkom leverages Sybase 365 for third party content & mobile commerce services. With Sybase 365, mobilkom subscribers can pay on the internet, pay at more than 2.000 vending machines, play lotto, pay for transport via their mobiles. All postpaid subscribers are automatically enabled for the service and Business customers use Sybase 365 for corporate mobile services.

paybox austria GmbH
paybox Austria GmbH provides the leading mPayment standard in Austria. paybox Austria is owned 5/6 by mobilkom Austria and 1/6 by ONE. paybox is accepted at over 5.000 points, and used by more than 300.000 subscribers paying via direct debit and over 2.000.000 subscribers paying via their mobile phone bill. Leveraging the Sybase 365 Mobiliser Platform, paybox Austria also acts as a distributor for electronic topup services for operators including T-Mobile, Telering and Hutchinson 3.

Maxis Malaysia
Maxis is Malaysia’s leading mobile and infotainment provider. The company offers an exciting range of quality and innovative services on its mobile and broadband infrastructure. Maxis launched the Sybase 365 Service Delivery Platform “Mobile Wizard” to maximise communication with its over 8 Million subscribers, while speeding up the time-to-market with new mobile Commerce and mobile Payment services. Maxis can set up interactive mobile services integrating existing charging and payment channels. Maxis eliminates its internal complexities - rolling up its existing SMS portal, campaign management, subscription management and voucher management systems, all into Sybase 365 Mobile Wizard.

Celcom Malaysia
Celcom, Malaysia’s premier mobile operator, runs Sybase 365 Service Delivery Platform “Mobile Wizard”. Sybase 365 offers Celcom a standalone, innovative Mobile/Web Marketing platform which can be used to integrate their existing SMS and MMS-based Game services – with the benefit of just one universal SMS short code - without changes to their existing applications.

MoneyBoxAfrica is promoted by three Nigerian companies led by Integrated Capital Services Limited recently acquired from IBTC Chartered, Salt & Einstein Ltd (Business innovation firm) and M.I.S.S (Mobile financial solutions firm). MoneyBox's primary businesses is developing and deploying savings and payment solutions to mobilise money with the creation of Nigeria's first all purpose electronic currency. MoneyBoxAfrica is developed and promoted in partnership with Interswitch and e-Tranzanct. MoneyBoxAfrica leverages an aggregator business model to create the largest financial services ecosystem using Sybase 365 leading enterprise mobile technology connecting banks to mobile operators and a host of merchants and agents across the African continent. MoneyBoxAfrica’s open switching architecture allows it to connect to all switches that meet minimum international mobile switching standards. This model promises to leapfrog financial services penetration leveraging on the ubiquity of the mobile phone.


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