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August 31, 2009



Dear Valued Sybase Customer:


This letter provides notification of the end of engineering support for the following Sybase product line.




End of Engineering Support

WorkSpace Data Federation



WorkSpace Web App Development



There are no Sybase licensed products that can fulfill the features of the product(s) listed above to provide a valid migration path.

After the end of the Sybase engineering support date, Sybase will continue to make interim

releases available (i.e., updates, if any, developed for the product prior to the end of engineering

support) as well as retain on-line technical documents related to the product(s) to assist you with

technical issues.  In addition to these resources, Sybase Technical Support may be provided

under the Advanced Services offerings, for a fee, subject to the availability of knowledgeable

resources. Sybase Professional Services would also be pleased to work with you to identify

alternative means to achieve your business goals.


If you have any questions, please call your local Sybase Technical Support Center.  One of our

Customer Service representatives will respond to your questions or direct your call to someone

who can.  For the number of your closest Technical Support Center, please go to:



Thank you for your cooperation in this product transition.  We regret any inconvenience that

discontinuing this product may cause your organization.  Our support staff is available to assist

you in any way possible.





Loren Corbridge

Senior Product Manager

Sybase, Inc.

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