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Advantage Delphi Getting Started Guide

Advantage TDataSet Descendant for DelphiC++Builder
The Advantage TDataSet Descendant is a programming tool developed specifically to eliminate the need for the BDE (Borland Database Engine) and dbExpress for database access. Using the Advantage TDataSet Descendant, developers can program as they always have using standard TTable, TQuery, and TStoredProc methods and properties. The Advantage TDataSet Descendant ties in seamlessly with the Advantage Database Server, a true client/server solution that adds performance and stability to multi-user applications. The Advantage TDataSet Descendant also provides access to the Advantage Local Server, a royalty-free local and peer-to-peer database engine-perfect for developing on a local workstation and ideal for customers who may later want the enhanced performance and security capabilities of a client/server RDBMS with the Advantage Database Server. The Advantage TDataSet Descendant consists of a set of native components that provide developers with easy access to the Advantage Database Server and Advantage Local Server. The Advantage Delphi/C++Builder TDataSet component does not require the BDE. The Advantage TDataSet Descendant uses the Advantage Client Engine directly, instead of the BDE or dbExpress, to retrieve data and provide client/server access to the Advantage Database Server or peer-to-peer access via the Advantage Local Server.

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