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PowerBuilder 12 Overview

The New Generation of PowerBuilder...
A Bigger, Better Builder

Sybase PowerBuilder 12 is a true technological revolution. Here’s why we believe it’s arguably the biggest breakthrough since its inception.

Please note in this discourse, we are discussing a beta version of a product, therefore features and capabilities are subject to change.


Sybase PowerBuilder 12 represents a new generation for the beloved, proven, and time-tested development tool. Yes, it’s that amazing. It will still have a familiar development environment that is the fastest and easiest way to build applications. And, all you need to use it is your PowerBuilder skill-set. However, this release goes where no other release has gone before. Blending the foundation of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Shell and the speed and prowess of PowerBuilder and DataWindow® technologies, PowerBuilder 12 is our throw down for .NET, significantly simplifying development for .NET platform.

So what’s it got under the covers? Features and capabilities for PowerBuilder 12 include:

Let’s take a high level look at the key new capabilities and features found in PowerBuilder 12.

Click here to view the complete document (PDF).

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