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Taiwan Mobile

"The Sybase IQ ‘green' analytics server lets us address issues immediately, not just review problems that have occurred in the past. This further enhances the overall communication quality and service for our customers."

Taiwan Mobile

Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd., the leading telecommunications service provider in Taiwan, was the first private telecommunications company to go public and the first wireless operator to launch Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) 3G services. Founded in 1997, the company boasts over eight million mobile subscribers and has three portfolio operators: Taiwan Mobile, TransAsia Telecommunications and Mobitai Communications. Using Sybase IQ, Taiwan Mobile provides world-class telecom services in network infrastructure, product offering, technology development, and customer service.

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Facing New Challenges
The rapid advancement of telecommunications technology has ushered in a new era in an ever-competitive environment for telecom operators. Additionally, telecommunications companies have to face new challenges given the industry's global data retention laws – and Taiwan Mobile is no exception.

Through the course of doing business, telecom companies collect enormous amounts of raw data that is used for customer billing and financial transactions. Additionally, data retention laws require telecom companies to store and make call detail records (CDRs) available to law enforcement agencies. This required data includes the date, time, destination, phone numbers and duration of every call to be retained for between six and 24 months. 

Taiwan Mobile is required to record and process the CDRs and to retain them for six months. With more than six million mobile customers the amount of daily call records and transactions quickly turns into billions.  Taiwan Mobile estimates the volume of data storage required could easily total 10 terabytes, swamping the existing system and consequently slowing it down. 

To manage this massive amount of data, Taiwan Mobile identified the requirement to create a data warehouse that would meet the following criteria:

A Step Forward with Sybase
After evaluating potential solutions, the team chose an architecture powered by Sybase IQ – developed specifically for advanced analytics. During test trials the data processing speed of the Sybase IQ proved to be significantly faster than other solutions when run on Taiwan Mobile's Sun V240 mainframe platform. And data loads, data compression ratios, and data query times are much more efficient with Sybase compared to other options.

"The key focus of today's telecommunications service market has changed from concerning itself with network infrastructure stability to network management and has become much more customer service oriented," said the Network Management Division spokesperson. "Now, with Sybase technology we are able to easily and efficiently tackle the increasingly large volume of customer service data to ensure we deliver an excellent experience to our customers."

Standing up to Competition
The telecommunications industry is one of the most challenging and data-intensive marketplaces in existence. Competition is relentless, and companies have to constantly make on-the-spot decisions based on the information they have available.  Following the successful implementation of Sybase IQ, Taiwan Mobile is able to quickly counter the competition's offers and provide more options to customers without endangering profitability – keeping costs at a minimum.

With the successful implementation of Sybase IQ, Taiwan Mobile is now able to process the complex analytics required to keep its business on course as it continues to gain new customers.

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