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IQ 15.0 delivers enhanced multiplex (MPX) capabilities, and a new table-partitioning architecture that allows a higher degree of administration and performance capabilites. As part of these evolutionary changes, support for local stores on MPX has been removed. When you move to Sybase IQ 15.0, you must migrate local store content to a shared store withing the MPX.

Sybase IQ 15.0 includes a local store migration utility, iqlsunload. This utility allows you to unload the schema and data from an MPX local store. Once the schema and data are unloaded, DBA's can then use the generated SQL scripts to re-create the local store schema and to load the data into a shared store within the existing 12.7 MPX or the migrated 15.0 MPX.

The local store migration tool, iqlsunload utilizes many IQ features to facilitate the migration process. For example, the unloading and reloading of local store data utilizes the load and extract engine because iqlsunload generates SQL files, DBAs can edit these files, and customize the loading and reloading behaviour.

This document provides a brief introduction to the local store migration tool and the process you will follow to migrate your local stores.


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