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Is Yatirim

"An important reason why the basic system platforms are Sybase, is that Sybase is capable of producing the most suitable solution for our innovative approach. The fact that Sybase pays attention to quality criteria is especially important in our real-time trading and real-time decision support systems. This is very important for our IT strategy."

Sukru Bozkurt
Information Technologies Coordinator
Is Yatirim

A leader and innovator in capital markets, Is Yatirim uses Sybase technology for data management, development and design to assure it meets its organizational goal of accelerated growth and optimal customer service. Spanning multiple markets and myriad services, Is Yatirim has a strong Sybase stack to ensure continuous availability, application agility and the ability to sustain tremendous growth.

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Established by Is Bankasi, Is Yatirim offers corporate financing, investment consulting, portfolio management and mediation services, employing 331 people across its divisions.  As an investment banking corporation with its expert associations across capital markets, Is Yatirim is the only broker corporation representing approximately 1/3 of total active size of its sector. With six branches and two contact offices, Is Yatiim also has more than 1,000 Is Bankasi branches that serve as Is Yatirim agencies. It also is the leader in the Istanbul Security Market for the last 6 years and in Derivatives Exchange since it was established.

A pioneer in technology usage, Is Yatirim developed TradeMaster and TradeMaster International electronic platforms providing direct access to the markets.  These electronic trading applications allow for direct trade transactions, as well as transactions through Investment Consultants. Thanks to the TradeMaster International platform, investors can now instantly examine in-depth market data and accomplish secure commodity exchange and interest contract investments on many worldwide markets rapidly – without requiring any mediators.  Furthering its dedication to innovation, Is Yatirim recently introduced the first Turkish hedge fund.

In the Corporate Financing field, Is Yatirim offers a broad range of services, including Public Offerings, Incorporations and Acquisitions, Privatization Consulting, Private Sector Consulting, Project Finance Consulting and Enterprise Capital Consulting.

The Sybase Technology Stack in Operation
Is Yatirim uses Sybase technologies to meet ever increasing operational responsibility and to deliver faster user transaction speeds to those applications for which time is critical.  Leveraging the full stack of Sybase data management and tools solutions, Is Yatirim assures unfailing operations, and a robust, comprehensive delivery architecture.

Sybase EAServer assures application availability, failover and high performance a clustered application server layer where business services are provided in intermediate layer. The application server provides high availability, exceptional fault tolerance and load balancing capabilities.

Is Yatirim uses Replication Server to manage and stage data access strategies to assure consistent real-time application and reporting access, without degrading operational processing performance.

Sybase PowerDesigner product is used intensely through entire application and data design process. The code generation capabilities in PowerDesigner are used to develop the intermediate layer comprised of Java-based items and to manage database changes at physical level.  Providing a comprehensive data and design mapping of the system allows Is Yatirim to create a holistic view of the applications, and ensure modifications to applications and data are handled seamlessly.

With the multi-layered architecture, Sybase PowerBuilder and Web-based clients are used for end-user interfaces, whereas Java EE based items which operate in Sybase EAServer media are used in the business logic layer.  Rounding out the system is Sybase ASE, as the core database layer.

Explaining the decision to use Sybase, Ibrahim Yavuz, software development manager says, "An important reason why the basic system platforms are Sybase, is that Sybase is capable of producing the most suitable solution for our innovative approach. The fact that Sybase pays attention to quality criteria is especially important in our real-time trading and real-time decision support systems.  This is very important for our IT strategy."

Using an object-oriented design approach, the Is Yatirim foundation and business framework has been continuously improved, and allows for additional application development efforts to add capabilities.

Meeting the Needs of its Customers with Innovation
Is Yatirim, when it was first established, managed many of its IT efforts using off-the-shelf solutions of various software companies.  But with the changing regulations across capital markets, new emerging markets, new opportunities in foreign markets, and improvement of its service distribution channels for customers, the previous business applications proved to be insufficient. This led to the development of the Kybele system, based on Sybase technologies. With a strong foundation and software framework, Kybele meets the changing needs of the company and delivers the desired quality levels. Having gone through a rapid maturation process and became a proven brand name, Is Yatirim developed the TradeMaster platform to increase the variety of the service distribution channels. More recently, the company completed its data management integration projects to integrate foreign online order transmission platforms into the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) and Turkish Derivatives Exchange (VOB) markets.

"With the help of the scalable and flexible Sybase infrastructure platform, we have saved an approximate 30 percent on our operational expenditure and also been the first brokerage company to trade on the newly launched Turkish Derivatives Exchange (TURKDEX), says Sukru Bozkurt, information technologies coordinator.  "We now have at least 20% more clients than our competitors. The TradeMaster trade platform developed with Sybase technology was recognized by our top management as 'the most efficient IT investment,' by achieving more trade transactions than Is Yatirim's operational branches. We truly believe that our decision to use Sybase technology has paid off very well."

In fact, due to its success in solving the challenges for Is Yatirim, the Kybele project evolved into a stand-alone solution, sought after by a number of financial services companies. Today, Kybele is used by many companies active in portfolio management, custody services, investment funds, hedge funds, shares and other similar integrated modules.

A Solid Foundation to Build Skyward
Is Yatirim made a strategic decision to achieve its company vision, and by developing a sound architectural structure it met its objectives. A small, dedicated software team of seven was formed to deliver to the company's needs, and now that team, having grown to 20 people, continues to produce and support software to enable Is Yatirim's ongoing development and business requirements. The Kybele Integrated Investment Banking system, developed in-house, employs an object-oriented multi-layer architectural approach, Java technologies and Sybase solutions. This software framework ensures control and flexibility across the software development process helping Is Yatirim maintain its position in the ever-changing and developing financial markets.

An innovator in developing products and services to serve its constituents, Is Yatirim continues to lead capital markets development with a vision as a singular source of high-value investment banking services. 

Is Yatirim aims to lead the development of the capital markets and further reinforce its position as the leader through contributions to the Turkish economy and the quality of its new products and services. Capitalizing on its technological uniqueness, Is Yatirim works closely with Sybase to reach these lofty goals.

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