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Release Bulletin Mirror Activator™ 15.2 for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and UNIX


Document ID: DC20123-01-1520-01

Last revised: May 2009


Accessing current release bulletin information

A more recent version of this release bulletin may be available on the Web. To check for critical product or document information added after the product release, use the Sybase™ Product Manuals Web site.

Accessing release bulletins at the Sybase Product Manuals Web site

  1. Go to Product Manuals.

  2. Select a product and language and click Go.

  3. Select a product version from the Document Set list.

  4. Select the Release Bulletins link.

  5. From the list of individual documents, select the link to the release bulletin for your platform. You can either download the PDF version or browse the document online.


Product summary

Mirror Activator 15.2 consists of the following components:

Each Mirror Activator 15.2 solution package includes:

For more information about the contents of the Mirror Replication Agent 15.2 distribution media, see the Mirror Replication Agent Installation Guide.

For information about the contents of the Replication Server 15.2 distribution media, see the Replication Server Installation Guide.

For information about the contents of the ECDA Option for Oracle distribution media, see the Enterprise Connect Data Access 15.0 Installation Guide.


Special installation instructions

For instructions on installing and configuring Mirror Activator components to function together in a replication system, see the Mirror Activator Quick Start Guide.

Special upgrade instructions for an ASE environment

You can convert an existing Replication Server warm standby application for ASE, with existing primary (active) and standby databases, to a Mirror Activator system by:

For more information, see the Mirror Activator Administration Guide.

Empty directories after uninstalling

After uninstalling Mirror Activator components, some empty directories might be left. To safely remove them, go to the installation directory and delete the Mirror Activator directory (MA-15_2) and all its subdirectories and their contents.


Known issues

This section describes known issues for Mirror Activator 15.2.

Note:For issues relating to Replication Server 15.2, see the appropriate Replication Server Release Bulletin, and for Enterprise Connect Data Access 15.0, see the appropriate Enterprise Connect Data Access Release Bulletin.

Known issue for Replication Server with IBM AIX licensing

Starting with Replication Server 15.2 on IBM AIX, there is a change to the process of how Replication Server determines the number of CPUs available to it. Customers running Replication Server on IBM AIX with logical partitions may find that the number of CPUs reported has changed with 15.2. This happens because Replication Server now counts the total number of CPUs available to the partition. This may result in the product defaulting to a grace period (of 30 days) or the product may fail to start if the grace period had elapsed.

Currently, Sybase Replication Server does not support sub-capacity licensing for IBM LPAR. If you believe you may encounter this issue, please contact Sybase Customer Support to raise a support incident.

Known issue for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0

This section describes a known issue when you are running Mirror Activator components on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0.

Error while loading shared libraries when running on Red Hat Linux 5.0

You may be unable to start Mirror Replication Agent due to this error message:

Error while loading shared libraries.

Workaround: Check the system configuration and change the firewall configuration from enforcing to permissive. You must have root or sudo permission to make this change.

Known issues for the Sybase installer

This section describes known issues with the Sybase installer that are not specific to a particular data server type.

Cannot view text fields properly when using Hummingbird Exceed from a Windows workstation

If you use Hummingbird Exceed from a Windows workstation to install Mirror Activator on a UNIX host, you might not be able to view all of the text fields on the Sybase installer screens.

Workaround: Use a native X-Windows session to run the Sybase installer, or run the Sybase installer in console or silent mode. For additional information, see the Mirror Activator Installation Guide.

Sybase Central fails to open after a Mirror Activator uninstallation

[CR# 399954] Uninstalling Mirror Activator removes the SYBASE system environment variable. Consequently, Sybase Central cannot open.

Workaround: Redefine the SYBASE system environment variable.

Installing on AIX returns an erroneous error message

[CR#423825] During an installation on some versions of the AIX operating system, this message may display on the console:

tzmappings: Illegal format at near line 11

You can safely ignore this message.

Known issues for Oracle

This section describes replication issues for Oracle.

LOB value not being applied to existing row

[CR #564330] When Sybase Replication replicates a LOB column, ECDA for Oracle first determines the ROWID value for the Oracle row that should contain the LOB. The row for that ROWID is updated with the LOB value. If the table in the replicate Oracle database is a reference table and the parent table is partitioned across multiple tablespaces, then the ROWID returned for the reference table may be incorrect, resulting in the LOB value not being applied to the expected row. The Oracle bug ID for this incorrect ROWID problem is 8417690.

Workaround: None.

Disabling triggers at the standby database

The results fired by a trigger at the primary database are normally replicated to the standby database. In addition, the transaction that caused the trigger to fire is replicated. This may result in duplicate information from both the trigger replicating to the standby database, and the trigger firing at the standby database. To avoid potential duplication at the standby database, Replication Server attempts to set the dsi_keep_triggers configuration parameter to off at the standby database. However, Oracle does not support disabling trigger execution at the session or connection level.

Workaround: At the standby database, disable triggers that update tables while replication to the standby database is active.


Technical support

Each Sybase installation that has purchased a support contract has one or more designated people who are authorized to contact Sybase Technical Support. If you have any questions about this installation or if you need assistance during the installation process, ask the designated person to contact Sybase Technical Support or the Sybase subsidiary in your area.


Other sources of information

Use the Sybase Getting Started CD, the SyBooks CD, and the Sybase Product Manuals Web site to learn more about your product:

Sybase certifications on the Web

Technical documentation at the Sybase Web site is updated frequently.

Finding the latest information on product certifications

  1. Point your Web browser to Technical Documents.

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  3. In the Certification Report filter select a product, platform, and timeframe and then click Go.

  4. Click a Certification Report title to display the report.

Finding the latest information on component certifications

  1. Point your Web browser to Availability and Certification Reports.

  2. Either select the product family and product under Search by Base Product; or select the platform and product under Search by Platform.

  3. Select Search to display the availability and certification report for the selection.

Creating a personalized view of the Sybase Web site (including support pages)

Set up a MySybase profile. MySybase is a free service that allows you to create a personalized view of Sybase Web pages.

  1. Point your Web browser to Technical Documents.

  2. Click MySybase and create a MySybase profile.

Sybase EBFs and software maintenance

Finding the latest information on EBFs and software maintenance

  1. Point your Web browser to the Sybase Support Page.

  2. Select EBFs/Maintenance. If prompted, enter your MySybase user name and password.

  3. Select a product.

  4. Specify a time frame and click Go. A list of EBF/Maintenance releases is displayed.

    Padlock icons indicate that you do not have download authorization for certain EBF/Maintenance releases because you are not registered as a Technical Support Contact. If you have not registered, but have valid information provided by your Sybase representative or through your support contract, click Edit Roles to add the “Technical Support Contact” role to your MySybase profile.

  5. Click the Info icon to display the EBF/Maintenance report, or click the product description to download the software.


Accessibility features

This document is available in an HTML version that is specialized for accessibility. You can navigate the HTML with an adaptive technology such as a screen reader, or view it with a screen enlarger.

Mirror Activator 15.2 and the HTML documentation have been tested for compliance with U.S. government Section 508 Accessibility requirements. Documents that comply with Section 508 generally also meet non-U.S. accessibility guidelines, such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines for Web sites.

For a section 508 compliance statement for Mirror Activator, go to the Voluntary Product Assessment Template

Note:You might need to configure your accessibility tool for optimal use. Some screen readers pronounce text based on its case; for example, they pronounce ALL UPPERCASE TEXT as initials, and MixedCase Text as words. You might find it helpful to configure your tool to announce syntax conventions. Consult the documentation for your tool.

For information about how Sybase supports accessibility, see Sybase Accessibility. The Sybase Accessibility site includes links to information on Section 508 and W3C standards.

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