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The purpose of this document is to list some differences a PHP developer may encounter while making a transition from MySQL to SQL Anywhere.

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Table of Contents


SQL Anywhere and MYSQL Functions

  •    sasql_data_seek() / mysql_data_seek()
  •    sasql_fetch_object() / mysql_fetch_object()
  •    sasql_escape_string() / mysql_real_escape_string()
  •    sasql_query() / mysql_query()
  •    sasql_fetch_field() / mysql_fetch_field()
  •    sasql_set_option() / mysqli_options()

Functions Exclusive to SQL Anywhere

  •    sasql_message()
  •    sasql_result_all()
  •    sasql_stmt_bind_param_ex()

Functions Exclusive to MySQL

  •    How to achieve similar results in SQL Anywhere


Click here to download the whitepaper

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